Sylvie Yu

The first female member of the Paris Garde and the permanent principal clarinetist!


Sylvie Hue (clarinet)

First soloist of the world-famous Paris Garde Republicaine Orchestra. While studying at the Paris Conservatoire, he also studied literature at the University of Paris XII. Studied under Guy Deprue and Christian Lardet, he won the unanimous first prize for clarinet in 1987 and two first prizes for chamber music in 1988. In the same year, he also obtained a degree in contemporary literature. Studied composition with Jean-Michel Valdes. In 1988, he won the first prize at the Japan Clarinet Competition, and in 1991, he achieved excellent results at the International Competition in Prague. He has been dedicated to concertos and chamber works by composers such as Pierre Anselin, Francine Auban, Roger Boutley, Graciane Finzi, Armando Guidoni and Richard Phillips. In addition to teaching at the Darius Milhaud Conservatory in Paris and the Orsay Conservatory, he is also a visiting professor at Senzoku Gakuen University and the University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. He is also director of the woodwind section of the French National Youth Wind Orchestra. He is invited as a soloist and professor all over the world. Possessing solid technique and unparalleled sonority, Yu's performances have been praised by musicians for their wonderful sensibilities, and have been praised by musicians as "one of the greatest clarinetists of our time" (J. Bonol). Repétoir Magazine”) and has received high praise from various quarters. ``Le Chant de Sylvie'' and ``Sylvie's Song'' (PAMP1501) were released on CD and have received even higher acclaim.

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