Wien-Berlin Brass Quintet

Berlin Philharmonic vs Vienna Philharmonic
A dream competition between the top players of the world's best orchestras! !

Presented by key members of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Vienna Philharmonic

Sound of the highest peak

 In addition to the two star trumpeters of the Berliner Philharmoniker, the tuba player who plays the bass, and two virtuosos who support the traditional sound of the Vienna Philharmonic, they gather beyond the boundaries of the orchestra. When they came to Japan in February 2012, the audience was amazed and enraptured by the superb ensemble that surpassed brass instruments!

■February 6th, 2012・Tokyo Bunka Kaikan <small> From the concert review■

I was able to see the faces of the professional musicians here and there in the packed venue as I was able to hear the brass instruments of the world's two largest orchestras compete...In the first half, each member played a solo piece one by one, enjoying a high-level performance. I was able to do it... After that, all five members appeared on the stage of a classic brass quintet song. It was more wonderful than I expected, and it was not the world of the usual brass quintet, but the world of chamber music by five musicians. Hats off to their music creation based on the physiology of harmony that is the basis of Western music. It can be said that he brought a new wind into this genre, where attention tends to be focused on technique and sound. During the encore, they performed polka and Kreisler pieces, which are their specialty, and thoroughly entertained the packed audience until the end. I look forward to seeing you again.
Band Journal April 2012

After enjoying the virtuosity of the masters' solo performances, the audience enjoys the brass ensemble. Of course, along with the outstanding skill of each individual, we could also hear the wonderfully flexible control of the instruments, but the brilliance of the technique was by no means biased. The Viennese hospitality by Strauss at the encore is also excellent. A coveted concert that tastes better the more you listen to it.
Ongaku no Tomo April 2012

Wien =Berlin Brass Quintett

◆ Member ◆

Gábor Tarkövi (Former Principal of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra)

Guillaume Jehl (Principal, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra)

Thomas Jöbstl (Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra)

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