Song introduction: Suite “The Nutcracker”

Tchaikovsky: Suite "The Nutcracker"
Arrangement with narration: Simon Cox

``The Nutcracker'' is a famous Christmas song. The version we will be playing today is arranged by Simon for brass septet. The story and narration are created by Matthew Knight, co-artistic director of Septura.

Regarding the program, Simon commented , ``I want people to enjoy both traditional and popular songs.''

The sound source is also published on Naxos, but this time we will deliver it with a special arrangement for Japan! The narration is also specially written in Japanese.

Ballet music "The Nutcracker" Op. 71 (for brass septet and percussion by M. Knight and S. Cox) (with narration)

It goes without saying that it is a well-known masterpiece, but let's review the story here.

Today is the long-awaited Christmas! The mysterious Uncle Drosselmeyer brings presents to the girl Clara's house. It could be a doll dancing an elegant waltz, or a doll of a briskly moving soldier. The last thing he pulled out was a large nutcracker. Clara likes him, but her brother breaks a big walnut by making her crack it.

nutcracker nutcracker

Clara returns to the living room in the middle of the night, worried about the doll, and sees a strange sight. The mouse comes out of the hole in the wall, and the toys and sweets start a fight. The leader of the toys is the Nutcracker. He is in a difficult situation, but Clara saves him. Then, the Nutcracker speaks to Clara. Actually, his true identity is...

In addition to the program notes, this concert will also include a narration explaining the story. We hope you enjoy the different taste than usual.

Electronic tickets are also on sale for the Tokyo and Kyoto performances.

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