Song Introduction: Words become flesh

Heinrich Schütz: Words Become Flesh, Arranged by Simon Cox

Septura's Christmas concert consists of two parts.

The plays we have introduced so far, "Hansel and Gretel" and "The Nutcracker," are bright and fun pieces that are also popular in Japan.
On the other hand, Christmas also has an aspect as a Christian festival, and Septura will express the solemn side of Christmas in their concerts.

The first piece of the concert will be "The Word became flesh" (Das Wort ward Fleisch, SWV 385) by Heinrich Schütz (1585–1672).
This is one of the 29 motets* included in the Geistliche Chor-Music (Sacred Choral Music) published in 1648, and is a transcription of a symbolic text by St. John in Advent, in which he expounds on the beauty of the Incarnation.

The celebratory dance begins in the solemn key of D minor, develops sonorously with constantly changing vocal groups, and finally builds to a powerful climax, culminating in a triumphant march in the key of D major.

*Motet: A short polyphonic religious choral piece.

The original song states that this piece is to be performed "by both vocals and instrumentals," but in this arrangement for brass ensemble it sounds even more brilliant.

Please come and enjoy the magnificent sound in the concert hall.

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    November 19th Tokyo Performance Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall

    General: 6,000 yen High school/university student: 3,500 yen Elementary/junior high school student: 1,000 yen

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    November 24th Kyoto Performance Kyoto Concert Hall Ensemble Hall Murata

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