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Outreach Harvest Festival Ezuko Caravan GALA CONCERT

Outreach Harvest Festival Ezuko Caravan GALA CONCERT


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Outreach Harvest Festival Ezuko Caravan GALA CONCERT

Venue: Ezuko Hall (Sennan Arts Center)

Organized by: Ezuko City of Art Creation Executive Committee / Ezuko Hall (Sennan Arts and Culture Center) / Sennan Regional Administrative Affairs Association Board of Education / Miyagi Citizens Cultural Creation Festival Executive Committee / Miyagi Prefecture

Inquiries: Ezuko Hall Tel.0224-52-3004


<Part 1>
Elgar: Greetings of Love
Rachmaninoff: Prelude Op.3-2 "Bell" (piano solo)
Offenbach: Aria of Puppet Olympia from the opera "Tales of Hoffmann"
Debussy: Moonlight (piano solo)
Liszt: Dream of Love No.3 (piano solo)
Morricone (Arranged by Toshio Mashima): "Moricone Paradise" and others

<Part 2>
Bach: "Adagio" from Sonata for Solo Violin No. 1 (violin solo)
Rachmaninov: Romance, Waltz (6 hands)
Matissia: Devil's Rag
Tamezo Narita: Beach Song ~ Mancini: Moon River ~ Ryoichi Hattori: Suzhou Night Song (Medley)
Lennon: Imagine
Amazing Grace
Kunihiko Murai: Give me wings and others

* Scheduled songs to be performed


Tomoko Omori [Soprano]

Miho Kamiya [Violin]

Yasuto Tanaka[Saxophone]
While still a student at Kunitachi College of Music, he won first prize in the saxophone division of the 4th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition, making a brilliant debut. His musicality was acclaimed as "a great instrument with inner poetry", and impressed even the virtuoso Marcel Mule, the father of the saxophone.

After graduating from the Kunitachi College of Music with the Yatabe Award, he fully demonstrated his advanced technique and unique and human musicality as a soloist. He has given numerous successful recitals with overwhelming support from audiences.

In 1991, he made his CD debut with "Wind Instrument Solo Masterpieces: Saxophone". Since then, "Rhapsody" by All Debussy Program was released in October 1995, "Saxophobia" in March 1997 from EMI, and "Gershwin Cocktail" from Kosei Publishing in 2003. In 2003, he received the Kinokuni Art Newcomer Award from Wakayama Prefecture. On the other hand, in the field of chamber music, he is active in the saxophone quartet and the Trouvère Quartet. The group, which won the 2nd prize at the 1992 Tokyo International Music Competition, gave a hugely successful recital at Suntory Hall. His attitude, which is not bound by classical thinking, has attracted attention from all walks of life and has received high acclaim. Studied the saxophone under the late Yuichi Omuro.

Currently concert master of Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra. Part-time lecturer at Showa College of Music and Showa Junior College.

Mitsutaka Shiraishi, piano
After attending the high school attached to Tokyo University of the Arts, completed the Tokyo University of the Arts and its graduate school. In 1989, he entered the Juilliard School of Music. 1990 Gina Bachauer International Scholarship Competition Winner. In 1991, she won the on-campus concerto competition and performed with the Juilliard Orchestra at Lincoln Center. Returned to Japan in 1992.
In 1994, at the 63rd Music Competition of Japan, she won the Kinoshita Award (co-starring), which is given to excellent performances of Japanese songs. His solo, chamber music, concerto, etc., have a reputation for high musicality, and are highly trusted by domestic and foreign co-stars. What deserves special mention is the lively, overwhelming sense of rhythm and structure, and the finely polished and beautiful sound that makes you feel the unique universe. In addition, his repertoire is wide, and his talent is demonstrated regardless of the field, such as Japanese and contemporary works. Many appearances on NHK-BS and NHK-FM broadcasts. In the activities of the Foundation for Regional Creation Public Hall Music Revitalization Project, he travels around the country, actively working on educational programs for children, and also serves as a judge for juniors and various competitions. As a culmination of one year's activities, he held 24 solo recitals in Tokyo every year. The ambitious program and the refreshing stage are also attractive, and it is one of the few talented groups.

CDs include "Regulus Circuit", "109", "Grand Conductor's Piano Works", "Composer Mravinsky", "Beethoven Piano Sonatas Vol. Category Excellence Award, 2007), both were well received, and "Leroy Anderson on the Piano" received praise from the bereaved family.

He studied piano under Keiko Kanazawa, Yoshie Takara, the late Jun Date, Hitoshi Kobayashi, and Martin Canyn, chamber music under Felix Galimia, and accompaniment under Jonathan Feldman. Part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts and Ochanomizu University.

Midori Tamura [piano]
Born in Tokyo. After graduating from the music department of Toho Girls' High School, she received a scholarship from the British Foundation and went to England. After graduating from the Guildhall Conservatory of Music with the top honors in the piano department and completing a master's degree in performance at the City Graduate School of Music, he worked at the Conservatory as a performance fellow. He has won numerous awards, including the 1st prize at the Intercollegiate Beethoven Piano Competition, has appeared on BBC TV and radio, and performed in Europe and the Middle East.

After returning to Japan, he gained attention for his lively and emotional performance style and creative programs that made use of his experience in the UK, and has been performing concerts and outreach activities all over the country. In 2007, he worked with the Triton Arts Network (Dai-ichi Seimei Hall) as part of a Nippon Music Foundation subsidized project to put into practice an epoch-making model. From 2009 to 2010, in the Regional Creation/Public Hall Music Revitalization Project/Applied Program, we collaborated with Umenity's people in Nogata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and held a series of workshops and outreach activities that lead to piano concerts. He is a valuable presence as a pianist who creates various methods to make music an enjoyable experience, such as planning, developing and performing. Appeared on NHK-BS "Pia no Pia". (Foundation) Regional Creation "Public Hall Music Activation Support Project" artist. Latest CD "Tamura Midori Enchanting Piano Masterpieces"

Ken'ichi Nakagawa [Piano, Conductor]
Graduated from Toho Gakuen University, Faculty of Music, majoring in piano. Learn to conduct at the same time. After graduating, he went to Europe and completed the piano course at the Antwerp Conservatory in Belgium with excellent results and a special course. He also learned fortepiano and harpsichord while in school. In 1997, he won the 3rd prize at the Gaudeamus International Contemporary Music Competition in the Netherlands. In addition to performing at music festivals in Belgium, Paris, England, Holland, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, South Korea, etc., he has also performed in Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Holland, America, China, New Caledonia, etc. play. In Japan, he has participated in the Suntory Summer Festival, the Tokyo Summer Music Festival, and the Takefu International Music Festival. At the Takefu International Music Festival, he conducted Klangform Wien, Musikfabrik, Ensemble Recherche, and Alter Ego, and performed with the Arditi Quartet.

After returning to Japan in 1998, he has been active as a soloist, chamber musician, and conductor. There are also many premieres of new works. In addition to appearing at numerous music festivals, NHK-FM such as "Recital of Masterpieces" and "Contemporary Music", he has performed with various orchestras. In addition to working as a pianist and conductor of the contemporary music ensemble "Ensemble Nomad", he has also collaborated with dance and other fields. Consecutive appearances in Mari Natsuki's "Impressionist" series, and also as music director. He collaborated with the late Mitsuko Yorichika, Hiroko Ito, and Aya Hirano on recitations and music. conduct. Olivier Messiaen "20 Gazes on the Child Jesus" (2 hours) Performed all songs in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010; Performs all songs and presents modern big songs such as John Cage's "Sonata and Interlude" (1 hour).

As a conductor, he has conducted contemporary operas such as Philip Glass's "Penal Colony", Paul Hindemith's "Coming and Returning", and Michael Nyman's "The Man Who Mistaken His Wife for a Hat" at the Tokyo Chamber Opera. He also performed with the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra in the opera "Hiroshima no Orpheus" composed by Yasushi Akutagawa. Recently, he conducted the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra with tap dancer Kazunori Kumagai. At the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, under the name of "Doctor Nakagawa", he has performed analyzes of various songs both live and on the web. Analyzes are performed on a variety of subjects.

Since 2002, as a registered artist of the Foundation for Regional Creation, he has held hands-on workshops for children to learn about the mechanism of pianos at public halls throughout Japan, talked about the history of pianos with video and audio, and performed piano performances. Unique workshops and concerts, including collaborations in other fields. "Kagura Opera" (Bungo Ono City, Oita Prefecture), "Abalone Legend" (Shichigahama Town, Miyagi Prefecture), "Ai no Uta" (Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture), and other stage productions with local participation as a conductor and arranger. . Part-time lecturer at Ochanomizu University and Toho Gakuen University. Received the 2001 Miyagi Prefecture Art Encouragement Award for New Artists.