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Student Produced Concert Vol.5? What We Found, What You Find?

Student Produced Concert Vol.5? What We Found, What You Find?


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Concert of DISCOVERY

Venue : Nishiarai Bunka Hall

Inquiries: Cultural Affairs Division: 03-3850-7931


Atsushi Takahashi (tp) / Shoichiro Sotozono (Euph) / Mitsutaka Shiraishi (p)

free entrance


Bach: O Lord, joy of man's rare beauty
Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue
Barnes: Duo Concertante
Original song "Konomachi" etc.


Osamu Takahashi, Trumpet

Born in Toyama Prefecture. Graduated from Senzoku Gakuen University after attending Senzoku Gakuen Uozu Junior College. Studied trumpet under Naohiro Tsuken, Yukihiro Sekiyama, and Sachio Fusakazaka. 1st place in the 65th Japan Music Competition Trumpet Division. 1st place in the 13th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition, Trumpet Division. In recognition of these achievements, he received the Toyama Prize and other awards from the Toyama Prefectural Future Foundation. In 1996, he joined the Shinsei Nippon Symphony Orchestra (currently the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra) as an assistant principal player. In 1999, he became the principal player of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, which he continues to this day. He is also the principal trumpet player of the Tokyo Mozart Players. Other members include Japan Chamber Orchestra, Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Quintet, Nagisa Brass Soloisten, MOSTLY TRUMPET "THE MOST". Regular performances at Kirishima International Music Festival, Miyazaki International Music Festival, Hofu Music Festival, etc., regular performances by Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Mozart Players, Japan Chamber Orchestra, and other orchestras.
He has been invited as a soloist to Stora, brass band, and Kirishima International Music Festival. Solo albums "Rhapsody in Blue", "Haydn Böhme Hindemith Trumpet Works", "Air", The Brass Sextet's "Ragtime Dance", "Birdland", and trumpet ensemble "Makunzu". "Festival Fanfare", Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Quintet's "Washington Post March", "Romeo and Juliet" (score also published by Doremi Music Publishing), Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Trio's "Trio for Brass" , Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Quartet's "Kokage no Sanpomichi" were released by Meister Music. PART, "Dragon Quest" by brass quintet PART a la carte, "Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Quintet Plays Koichi Sugiyama Son
gs” was also released on the SUGI label and is attracting attention from various fields. Measic publishes "Motto Trumpet!", a collection of parts and sounds of orchestral works in the "Motto Orchestra!" Associate Professor at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Visiting Professor at Ueno Gakuen University, Lecturer at Tokyo College of Music.

Shoichiro Hokazono, Euphonium

Born in Kagoshima City in 1969. In 1992, he won first place and the grand prize at the 9th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition. In 1994, completed the Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi Diploma Course. In 1997, at the British Tuba and Euphonium Conference, he was awarded the "Euphonium player of the year" award for his daily performance activities. In September of the same year, he won the first prize in the euphonium section of the Philippe Jones Brass Competition in France. February 2000 Appeared in Tokyo Opera City Recital Series "B→C". He has performed with the NHK Symphony Orchestra, Osaka Municipal Orchestra, Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra, Kyushu Symphony Orchestra, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, Japan Virtuoso Orchestra, Strasbourg Orchestra, Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, etc. performed with a group of performers.
In addition, the presentation of excellent original euphonium works written for him has been highly acclaimed for his attitude of continuing to pursue that possibility. Solo concerts are held in Japan and overseas, and other ensemble units such as The Tuba Band, Trio de Jumbou, Brass Hexagon, and Mr. UFO are also showing ambitious efforts. To date, he has released 14 albums (3 of which were nominated for the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival), and has participated in numerous other albums as a guest soloist.
Studied euphonium under Toru Miura, Kaoru Tsuyuki, and Stephen Mead.
He is currently a soloist of the Air Self-Defense Force Central Band and a part-time lecturer at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music.

Mitsutaka Shiraishi, piano

After attending the high school attached to Tokyo University of the Arts, completed the Tokyo University of the Arts and its graduate school. In 1989, he entered the Juilliard School of Music. 1990 Gina Bachauer International Scholarship Competition Winner. In 1991, she won the on-campus concerto competition and performed with the Juilliard Orchestra at Lincoln Center. Returned to Japan in 1992.
In 1994, at the 63rd Music Competition of Japan, she won the Kinoshita Award (co-starring), which is given to excellent performances of Japanese songs. His solo, chamber music, concerto, etc., have a reputation for high musicality, and are highly trusted by domestic and foreign co-stars. What deserves special mention is the lively, overwhelming sense of rhythm and structure, and the finely polished and beautiful sound that makes you feel the unique universe. In addition, his repertoire is wide, and his talent is demonstrated regardless of the field, such as Japanese and contemporary works. Many appearances on NHK-BS and NHK-FM broadcasts. In the activities of the Foundation for Regional Creation Public Hall Music Revitalization Project, he travels around the country, actively working on educational programs for children, and also serves as a judge for juniors and various competitions. As a culmination of one year's activities, he held 24 solo recitals in Tokyo every year. The ambitious program and the refreshing stage are also attractive, and it is one of the few talented groups.

CDs include "Regulus Circuit", "109", "Grand Conductor's Piano Works", "Composer Mravinsky", "Beethoven Piano Sonatas Vol. Category Excellence Award, 2007), both were well received, and "Leroy Anderson on the Piano" received praise from the bereaved family.

He studied piano under Keiko Kanazawa, Yoshie Takara, the late Jun Date, Hitoshi Kobayashi, and Martin Canyn, chamber music under Felix Galimia, and accompaniment under Jonathan Feldman. Part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts and Ochanomizu University.

Photo: Iwakiri et al.