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Branimir Sloker & Mayumi Shimizu Trombone Joint Recital [Ibaraki Performance]

Branimir Sloker & Mayumi Shimizu Trombone Joint Recital [Ibaraki Performance]


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Branimir Slokar & Mayumi Simizu

Trombone Joint Recital in Ibaraki

Reconstruction support charity concert

Venue: Oarai Cultural Center Large Hall
( 6881-88 Isohama-cho, Oarai-cho, Higashiibaraki-gun, Ibaraki 311-1301)

Admission fee: 2000 JPY for elementary/junior high school/high school students (limited to 200 seats) / 3000 JPY for adults (limited to 200 seats)

Sponsored by: Oarai High School Marching Band Support Association
Supported by: Oarai Town/Oarai Town Board of Education
Co-sponsored by: Parents' Association of Ibaraki Junior and Senior High School Brass Band Parents' Association / Parents' Association of Taisei Girls' High School Brass Band Parents' Association / Parents' Association of Mito Girls' High School Brass Band / Parents' Association of Oarai High School Marching Band Club

Inquiries: 029-267-7350


Part 1 12:30- 4 high school joint concert
1 Ibaraki Junior High School Band Club 2 Taisei Girls High School Band Club 3 Mito Girls High School Band Club 4 Oarai High School Marching Band Club

Part 2 15:00- Branimir Sloker & Mayumi Shimizu Trombone Recital
Lv Beethoven: Piano Trio No.4 in B-flat major, Op.11
F. Mendelssohn: From Songs Without Words
JF Michelle: Trilogy (Commissioned Work/World Premiere)
G. Bizet (arr. J. Mortimer): Carmen Fantasia
Furusato no Uta (Keiko Takashima edition): Furusato ~Spring has come~Sea~Village festival~Winter color etc.


■ Branimir Slokar

Born in Maribor, Slovenia, where he first picked up the trombone. After winning the 7th Yugoslavian Music Competition in Zagreb, he decided to pursue a career as a musician.

After graduating from the Ljubljana College of Music in 1969 with the highest honors, he advanced to the National Conservatoire in Paris and graduated at the top of his class in a short period of one year.
In 1974, he won many prizes, including the 23rd Munich International Music Competition.

As a solo trombonist with renowned orchestras such as the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, he received a great deal of attention for his extraordinary musicality.

For many years he taught at the Music Academy of Music in Bern, and is now a professor at the University of Music in Freiburg, where he has been active as a solo artist throughout Europe, the United States and Asia, and has served as a juror at international competitions in Munich and Geneva.

Through many CD recordings, radio and TV appearances, he has received high acclaim around the world as a musician representing the trombone world.
Living in Switzerland.

■ Mayumi Shimizu

Since autumn 2012, he has been the principal trombonist of the Southwestern German Radio Symphony Orchestra.
Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Science and Technology. 2005-10 at Freiburg University of Music,
From 2010 to 2012, studied under Branimir Sloker at the Bern University of the Arts.
At the same time, from 2007 to 2009, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Member of Karajan Academy. Studied under Principal Cristobalt Gessling.
In the autumn of 2009, as the first female principal trombonist in Austria,
Joined the Linz Bruckner Orchestra.
In the fall of 2012, he transferred to the Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra.
For trombone solo, Germany Weingarten Festival trombone
1st place in the competition.
First prize at the Gdansk International Brass Instrument Competition.
In 2012, he appeared in the Tokyo Opera City B→C series.
As a chamber music activity, he formed the trombone duo "Tamashimazu" in 2011.
2012 Aoyama Baroque Saal Award.
2014 Lecce Trombone Festival (Germany/Netherlands) Lecturer
He also teaches younger students by giving master classes.
He is active in a wide range of fields, including solo, chamber music, orchestra, and education.

Francois Killian Franois Killian, piano

Born in Paris in 1962. In 1981, at the age of 19, he won the Munich International Music Competition. After that, he studied under Karlheinz Kammerling at the Hanover Music Academy. In 1985, he won the Chopin International Piano Competition (Warsaw), the 1988 Dublin International Piano Competition, and the 1989 Rubinstein International Piano Competition (Tel Aviv).
Since 2012, he is the official accompanist of Maxim Vengerov (violin) at the International Menuhin Academy of Music (Copett Suisse). Official accompanist of Bern University of the Arts.