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Walter Auer Flute Recital [Musashino Civic Cultural Center]

Walter Auer Flute Recital [Musashino Civic Cultural Center]


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Walter Auer Flute Recital

Piano: Chika Murata 

Golden Vienna Philharmonic Principal
After studying with Payu in Berlin and Nicolet in Basel, he worked as principal player of the Mahlerjugendorchester, North German Radio Symphony Orchestra, and Dresden Philharmonic before becoming principal player of the Vienna Philharmonic! Nobleman! The world's best flute for "Sunday afternoon".

[Date and Time]
April 8, 2001 (Sun) 15:00 start


Musashino Civic Cultural Center Small Hall

[Admission fee]
All seats reserved
General 2,000 yen Tomonokai 1,800 yen sold out!!
Musashino Civic Cultural Center 0422-54-8822


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