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One Coin Matinee vol.38 (Nobuyuki Takami/Trumpet, Yukari Arai/Piano)

One Coin Matinee vol.38 (Nobuyuki Takami/Trumpet, Yukari Arai/Piano)


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One Coin Matinee vol.38 ~ Nobuyuki Takami (Trumpet)

A 45-minute mini concert delivered at lunchtime on weekdays.

The trumpet is the first appearance in the series.

You can also enjoy the performer's talk.

[Date and time]

August 5, 2021 (Thursday) 11:30 start (11:00 open)


Santomuse small hall


Nobuyuki Takami (trumpet)

Yukari Arai (piano)


500 yen (all seats reserved)

*Please refrain from entering preschool children.

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Ueda City (Ueda City Cultural Exchange Center)

Ueda City Board of Education


Ueda City Cultural Exchange Center (9:00-17:00)



A. Vivaldi-JS Bach from Trumpet Concerto
G. Puccini: No one should sleep
H. Berstedt : Variations on a Neapolitan folk theme
C. Debussy : Moonlight (piano solo)
G. Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue
J. Kozma : Autumn Leaves
R. Loveland : You raise me up
*Songs and song order are subject to change.