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Toshiya Suzuki Recorder Recital "New Old Instruments"

Toshiya Suzuki Recorder Recital "New Old Instruments"


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Tosiya Suzuki Recorder Recital

Venue : Yodobashi Church, Ohara Memorial Chapel

Yodobashi Church


Tosiya Suzuki, Recorder

Nanae Yoshimura, Koto

Mayumi Miyatam, Sho


Salvatore Sciarino (1947-):
A letter carried from the antipodes by the wind (2000/2005)
[Recorder solo]
S. Sciarrino: Lettera degli antipodi portata dal vento

Toshio Hosokawa (1955-): Waiting snow grass (premiere in Japan in 2009)
[tenor recorder & koto]
T. Hosokawa : Schneeglckchen for tenor recorder and koto

Tokunaga Rage (1973-): Commissioned new work (2012 premiere)
[Recorder & 20-string Koto & Sho]
T.Tokunaga : New work for recorder, 20 strings koto and sho

Giovanni Bassano (1558-1617?):
Richercata No. 1
[Recorder solo]
G. Bassano: Ricercata Prima

Osamu Kawakami (1979-): Shamo (2010)
[Recorder & Sho]
O.Kawakami : Syamo for soprano recorder in C and Japanese sho

Hidehiko Hinohara (1964-): Tsukiwansho (2005/2011)
[Sho & Koto & Recorder]
H. Hinohara : Estratto della cala lunare for sho, koto and recorder


Toshiya Suzuki, Recorder
Born in 1961. Graduated from Amsterdam Swerink Conservatory. Studied the recorder under Kazuo Hanaoka and Walter van Hauwe. Worked on developing the possibilities and technologies of the recorder.
With composers such as L. Kohli, B. Ferneyhough, L. Francesconi, Keiko Harada, Toshio Hosokawa, Hiroyuki Ito, Hitoshi Nakamura, Ichiro Nodaira, U. Loiko, S. Sciarino, G. Staepler, and Joji Yuasa. Collaborate and premiere their works.
"Vienna Modern", "Zurich New Music Day", "International Gaudeamus Music Week", "Darmstadt Summer Course", "ISCM World Music Days (1995, 2000, 2001, 2002)", "Akiyoshidai International 20th Century Music" Seminar & Festival", "Autumn in Paris", "Takefu International Sound Festival", "Roymont Music Seminar (Voix Nouvelles)", "Composium 2000 (Tokyo Opera City)", "Europe Asia International Contemporary Music Festival (Kazan)" ”, “Crankspulen (Schwaz)”, “Tongyeong International Music Festival”, “Festival a Tempo (Caracas)”, “Melbourne Recital Center Opening Festival”, “Romanian International Contemporary Music Festival”, “Asiago Music Festival” (asiago)” and “Suntory Summer Festival” as a soloist. He has given workshops and recitals on modern performance techniques in Europe, Russia, Turkey, the United States, Venezuela, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, etc. Since 2001, he has formed a duo with Mayumi Miyata of Sho.
2002 Darmstadt Summer Course Lecturer.
His solo CD "Tosiya Suzuki Recorder Recital" won the "Music & A"sthetik Interpretationsprize 2003" from the German music journal "Music and Aesthetics Society". “Nagoya Citizen Art Festival Award (1994)” “Darmstadt Scholarship Award (1994)” “Darmstadt Kranichsteiner Award (1996)” “Kenzo Nakajima Music Award (2006)” “1st Creative Tradition Award (2010)” )” was awarded.

Nanae Yoshimura, Koto
Since 1971, along with traditional classical koto music, he has worked on the 20-string koto in search of new expressions and has become one of Japan's leading performers. As a specialist on this instrument, he has collaborated with many composers, from solo works to concertos with orchestra, and premiered over 100 works. In particular, the recital series of commissioned works started in 1988 with the cooperation of composers of a wide range of ages, including Akira Nishimura and Takashi Yoshimatsu, received high acclaim. Received the Idemitsu Music Award three times, the 1st Japanese Traditional Culture Promotion Award in 1994, and the Kenzo Nakajima Music Award in 1999. In 2010, he won both the 19th Asahi Contemporary Music Award and the 2009 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for Art Encouragement. (In 1972, he received an Encouragement Award at the Japanese Music Competition for New Talents in 1972, won first place in the 1979 Contemporary Japanese Music Performance Competition, and received an award at the Osaka Cultural Festival in 1981 for his classical koto music, Godankinuta.) In 1986, he started giving concerts overseas with grants from the Japan Foundation and other organizations. Since then, he has been invited as a soloist to music festivals in Europe, North, Central, South America, Asia, and the Middle East, and has contributed greatly to the introduction of Japanese culture and international exchange. He has also performed with orchestras such as the Prague Spring Music Festival, the ISCM World Conference of Composers, other contemporary music festivals, appearances at the 100th anniversary of Carnegie Hall in New York, and the 200th anniversary of the Gewandhaus Orchestra. Many CDs from classical to contemporary have been released by "Camerata Tokyo" and others, and since 2000, celestial harmonies mori (US) <The Art of KOTO Nanae Yoshimura> has been released up to Vol.4. The Yoshimura Nanae Koto Research Institute's "Japanese Music Exhibition - Koto Collection Today -" has produced results through efforts to nurture young performers and develop new works. Representative of the Japan Modern Koto Study Group.

Mayumi MIYATA, Sho
After graduating from the piano department of Kunitachi College of Music, studied gagaku. Since 1979, he has appeared in gagaku performances at the National Theater. Since 1983, he has been giving recitals of the sho, and has received a lot of attention. 1987 Avon Women's Annual Art Award, 1993 Kenzo Nakajima Award, 1998 Yokohama Cultural Award Encouragement Award, 2004 Japan Culture Arts Foundation 11th Traditional Japanese Culture Promotion Award were awarded respectively.
Her recitals in Europe and the United States have been highly acclaimed, and she has been invited to major music festivals both in Japan and abroad.
He has premiered many new works by contemporary composers such as John Cage, Toru Takemitsu, Paul Mefano, Klaus Huber, Gerhard Staepler, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Maki Ishii, Joji Yuasa, and Toshio Hosokawa. In 1992, he performed John Cage's "Two 3 (for sho and percussion)" in Perugia, Italy. Toshio Hosokawa's "Utsurohi Nagi", and in 2008 the world premiere of "Clouds and Light" co-commissioned by the German Symphony Orchestra of Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern and PMF. World premiere of Helmut Lachenmann's new opera The Little Match Girl at the Hamburg Opera in 1997; In 2010, he was invited to perform again by the Baden-Baden & Freiburg SWR Symphony Orchestra (Salzburg Festival, Berlin, Frankfurt, Freiburg). In 2000, John Cage's posthumous work "108 (Orchestra + Sho "One9" version)" world premiere (Cologne WDR Symphony Orchestra) also attracted a lot of attention. Cage's recital series (2001) in which he performed the world premiere of all of Cage's "One9 (for sho solo)", the Japan premiere of all of "Two3", and the complete performance of the classical gagaku piece "Chodo" (2001) was also highly acclaimed. .
He has performed with the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Kazushi Ono, the NHK Symphony Orchestra under Dutoit, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra under Ashkenazy, the Royal Belgian Opera Orchestra under Kazushi Ohno, the New York Philharmonic under Previn, and the Lyon National Orchestra under Jun Märkl. In the 2010/2011 season, he is scheduled to perform with the Deutsche Symphony Orchestra Berlin, the Bavarian State Opera Orchestra, and the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra.
CD recordings include Takemitsu's "Ceremonial" with the Saito Kinen Orchestra conducted by Seiji Ozawa, and Toshio Hosokawa's works with the Munich Chamber Orchestra. He also participated in the soundtrack of Björk's Bernie-directed film Drawing Restraint 9.
The performance of "Kimigayo" at the opening ceremony of the 1998 Nagano Olympics attracted attention from all over the world. Visiting professor at Kunitachi College of Music.