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Toshiya Suzuki Recorder Recital (Recorder and Shakuhachi)

Toshiya Suzuki Recorder Recital (Recorder and Shakuhachi)


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Toshiya Suzuki Recorder Recital

recorder and shakuhachi

Tosiya Suzuki Recorder Recital

Recorder & Shakuhachi


Yodobashi Association Ohara Memorial Chapel

Yodobashi Church

[All unreserved seats]

Advance sale: General 3,500 yen Student 2,500 yen

On the day: General 4,000 yen

Ticket Reservation/Inquiries: Studio Conmote

Phone: 045-963-1538




Federico Gardella (1979- ): commissioned new work (premiered in 2017)
F. Gardella: New Work for recorder solo
* recorder solo

Kazuo Fukushima (1930-): Mei (1961)
K.Fukushima:Mei for shakuhachi solo
* shakuhachi solo

Masamichi Kinoshita (1969-): Children of the Sea Who Have Lost Memories of Water 1 (2012)
M. Kinoshita: les enfants de la mer qui ont perdu la
Memoire de l'eau 1
* Recorder & Shakuhachi

Yoshihisa Taira (1937-2005): Synchrony (1986/2014)
distant sound of deer
Y.Taira: Synchronie for recorder and shakuhachi
Shikano Tone for recorder and shakuhachi
Koku for shakuhachi solo
* Recorder & Shakuhachi
* shakuhachi solo

Yoshiaki Onishi (1981- ): commissioned new work (premiered in 2017)
Y.Onishi: New Work for Recorder and Shakuhachi
* Recorder & Shakuhachi

Salvatore Sciarino (1947-): Between Texts Dedicated to the Clouds (1989/2000)
S. Sciarrino: Fra i testi dedicati alle nubi
* Recorder Solo