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Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra 334th Subscription Concert (Peter Jablonski)

Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra 334th Subscription Concert (Peter Jablonski)


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Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra 334th Regular Concert

Ravel & Prokofiev vividly colored by master Tortuet

[Date and time]

February 25, 2023 (Sat) 14:00 start


The Symphony Hall


Conductor: Yann Pascal Tortelier

Piano: Peter Jablonski


All seats reserved/tax included

S ¥6,500 A ¥5,000 B ¥3,500
C seat ¥2,500 Student seat (under 25 years old) ¥1,000

*Student seats can be reserved only at the Kansai Philharmonic Ticket Reception. Please apply by phone.
*Please refrain from entering with infants and preschoolers.


Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra

[Special Sponsor]

Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Agency for Cultural Affairs Cultural Arts Promotion Subsidy
(Performing Arts Creative Activity Revitalization Project)
Japan Arts Council


Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd.
Sanko Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.


Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No.3 in C major, Op.26
Ravel: "Daphnis and Chloe" all songs (*no chorus)