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Hitomi Takara Piano Recital 2010 [Okinawa Performance]

Hitomi Takara Piano Recital 2010 [Okinawa Performance]


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Hitomi Takara Piano Recital in Okinawa

Venue : Urazoe-shi Tedako Hall (Okinawa)

All seats are unreserved General Adults 2,500 yen Students 1,500 yen (additional 500 yen each on the day)


Evocación Suite from "Iberia"
Navarra (supplementary work by Sevrac)

Pigeons in the Basin From ``From Rest Days'' Vol.2 (unfinished)
Under the oleander ~A Carnival Evening on the Catalan Coast~

Kikuko Kanai: Ryukyu Tale Poetry

Akira Ifukube: Japanese Suite

Akira Ifukube - Motoji Ishimaru: Sci-Fi Symphonic Fantasy No.1

Albeniz: Evocacion, Navarra
La Vasque aux Colombes
Sous les lauriers roses
K. Kanai: Ryukyu Ballade
A. Ifukube:
Piano Suite (1933)
Fantasia Symfonica No.1
and more


Hitomi Takara, piano

Born in Okinawa. After graduating from Musashino Academia Musicae, he studied at Canada's Valhalla Music Center and Algonquin International Music Institute. Studied under Junko Nakasone, Sanae Somata, Giichiro Ichida, Helmut Braus, and Jené Jando. With his flexible sensibility and sincere performances, he is highly trusted by his co-stars. He has received high acclaim as "a pianist who can fuse musically with his precise interpretation of his works, his excellent compositional ability, and his rich sensibility." Appeared at the Miyazaki International Music Festival and the International Horn Festival in Yamagata, and received favorable reviews. He is also an official pianist of competitions and master classes such as Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy & Festival, Japan Flute Convention, Forum Artium (Germany). In addition, he is active in a wide range of fields, such as being a keyboard player for orchestras such as the NHK Symphony Orchestra, and as a collaborator. He is also enthusiastic about solo recitals, especially in the recital tour held in 2007, which focused on the works of Kikuko Kanai, a female composer from Miyakojima, who said, "Colorful and dynamic rhythms, passionate performances". acclaimed in Kikuko Kanai's complete piano works on CD, the world's first recording, "Ryukyu Kachaashi", has become a hot topic in various fields, and has been awarded a "Special Choice" by "Record Geijutsu" magazine. Also released a collection of trombone and piano works "VIVA YOSHIKI!" Received the 2002 Okinawa Times Art Selection Award Encouragement Award.