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Alvin Fries "Four Seasons" [CD]

Alvin Fries "Four Seasons" [CD]


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Albin Fries/Jahreszeiten

Artists representing Vienna

Playing "The Four Seasons" by Alvin Fries.

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[1]-[3] Sonata "Spring" for violin and piano
[4]-[6] Sonata "Summer" for oboe and piano
[7]-[9] Sonata "Autumn" for horn and piano
[10]-[12] Three elegies for English horn and piano "Winter"
[13]-[15] Song for Soprano and Piano "Autumn"


Violin: Franz Marx Siegert
Oboe: Omid Guiraku
Horn: Thomas Yepstl
English Horn: Constanze Brosch
Soprano: Birgit Matton
Piano: Gerhard Schlussmeier