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Masamitsu Takashina Guidance/supervision Conducting method DVD lesson scenery

Masamitsu Takashina Guidance/supervision Conducting method DVD lesson scenery


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Quoted from the DVD description

This DVD is published to help those who are trying to teach themselves how to conduct by Hideo Saito's "Conducting Course" and Masamitsu Takashina's "Complete Guide to Conducting".
DVD-2 "Conducting Course" is a book that should be called the original text of the gem of conducting. Fortunately, I was directly taught by Saito Sensei and worked as an assistant in the Saito Conducting School and as a lecturer at Toho Gakuen School of Music. I was. Some exercises in the "Conducting Course" are difficult to understand without a teacher's guidance. Also, in his later years, Saito Sensei repeatedly asked me, his assistant, to correct the "designation" of the technique, but he did not make any revisions in the "Lecture of Conducting". In that sense, this DVD is also something I want to leave for the successor leader instead of the teacher.
The DVD-1 "Complete Guide to Conducting" describes how to correctly acquire the techniques of the "Lesson of Conducting", and is the result of my 40 years of practice in the "Conducting Class". This DVD is a condensed recording of individual lessons over a period of almost a year, starting from the first lesson in the basics. The development version is a lesson scene of the wave motion and the four-minute hitting method of the technique based on the principle of circular motion developed by me. As for the order, please go to the exercises on DVD-2 after this development part, followed by the practice part.
You can never learn it by just watching the video and imitating and waving your hand. It is important that you read the book carefully and understand it clearly. Take the stairs one lesson at a time. I'm sure it will work.

Summer 2008 Masamitsu Takashina


- DVD-1 (1 hour 55 minutes)
Masamitsu Takashina Complete Guide to Conducting (published by Ongaku no Tomosha)

■ Preliminary exercise practice Principle of splitting one beat into two
■ Beating Stairs
■ Strike shape
■ Average exercise and exercise
■Average Motion and Shakaku Basic Figures

■ Basic technique practice

■ Kick-up and waving motion
■Fundamental exercises for the 4-minute hitting method, hooking of circular motions, and splitting of circular motions

- DVD-2 (2 hours 48 minutes)
Conducting Course by Hideo Saito (published by Ongaku no Tomo Publishing) Exercises

■ Exercise No.1
■ Exercise No.2
■Exercise No.3 (additional pre-emptive exercise Sarabande)
■ Exercise No.4
■ Exercise No.5
■ Exercise No.6
■ Exercise No.7
■ Exercise No.8
■ Exercise No.8-2
■ Exercise No.8-3
■ 3 beat system