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Concert from 0 years old Yumi Okazaki & Buzz Five?

Concert from 0 years old Yumi Okazaki & Buzz Five?


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Concert from 0 years old ~ Yumi Okazaki & Buzz Five ~

Venue: Chofu City Cultural Center Tazukuri Kusunoki Hall

Admission fee
[All seats reserved] General: ¥2,500 Elementary school students and younger: ¥1,000 (1 ticket per person from 0 years old is required)

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Chofu City Green Hall Ticket Service Tel 042-481-7222
Chofu City Cultural Center Tazukuri Information Tel 042-441-6177
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Chofu Parco 1st floor general service counter (over-the-counter sales only)

Sponsored by: Chofu City Culture and Community Promotion Foundation


Chopin: Great Circus op.18
Instrument introduction (trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba)
Satie: Ju to Vu
Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - 1st movement
Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker ~ Waltz of the Flowers
silent night
Jingle bell
Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance, etc.


Yumi Okazaki (piano)
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and graduated from the same graduate school, majoring in piano.
When he was eight months old, he moved to British Hong Kong due to his father's job transfer, and attended Garden Road School, which was run by a British. At the age of 6, he returned to Japan and started taking piano lessons. Until the age of 12, he studied piano under Shigeru Kaneko, a disciple of Leo Shirota, who was invited as a visiting professor at the Ueno Music School. At the age of 13, he studied under Sakae Hatori and started playing the piano in earnest. After that, he studied under the late Yasuko Tani, professor emeritus at Tokyo University of the Arts, and passed the entrance exam to the University of Tokyo in just five years. In 1983, in the second year of the master's program, he passed the Hungarian Scholarship Examination with the highest score and studied at the Hungarian National Liszt Conservatory. In addition to Z. Cornell and F. Chandor, she has taken master classes with Zoltan Kocsis, Oxana Yablonskaya, and Georges Šebeek. In 1986, he won the 5th Iizuka Music Competition for Newcomers sponsored by the Asahi Shimbun Company in the piano section and the grand prize. Received the Minister of Education Award.
After returning to Japan, he served as a moderator on TV and radio programs, and as a performer, in addition to performing solo recitals nationwide, he has performed with orchestras such as the Tokyo Philharmonic, the Nagoya Philharmonic, and the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra. He also holds concerts for preschool children and pregnant women, as well as piano trio performances of film music played on violin and cello. Always standing in the audience's position, the concerts with excellent performance content and enjoyable stage composition are very popular with the audience. In 1989, the debut CD was released from King Records, and then the CD was released from Sony Records. In 2003, at the recital commemorating the 15th anniversary of her debut, she performed while playing Lady Macbeth in a musical play titled "Lady Macbeth".
Due to his elegant playing style, he has received many requests for house concerts, mainly from European brands. So far, Christian Dior, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Chaumet, Grand Marnier, Societe Generale Bank, many private banking companies, and many other companies. perform at concerts for customers of
He is also enthusiastic about children's education and holds concert activities for young children all over the country. She played the role of a pianist and mother in "Classical Musical Note Story" for Chibikko, which she wrote, wrote and directed. This play is highly acclaimed as a play for children, with plenty of authentic violin and piano music.
Wakodo Presents "Family & Premama Classical Concert" which started in 2004 has been well received all over the country as a unique concert for preschool children and pregnant women. In 2005, he published a book with a CD, "Listening to Classical Music Raises Good Children." Two weeks after its release, it ranked 8th in the humanities and non-fiction section of the Maruzen Main Store (Marunouchi). Lectures on the subject of classical music, which has a positive influence on raising good children, are increasing. In addition, he collaborates with singer Miki Asakura, regardless of the range of classical music. Appeared in many dinner shows and cruising events with the atmosphere of an adult woman and a variety of stylish songs.
(Public interest incorporated foundation) Sony Education Foundation councilor. Signed a contract with Sony Music Artists in 2003. Since 2007, he has lived in Washington State, USA. He studied American contemporary music and composition at a local university, and also studied jazz performance with Seattle jazz pianist Dan Crumrich and vocal music with Leanne Campos. Regular member of the Japan Federation of Musicians, Regular member of the All Japan Piano Teachers Association, Advisor of the Children's Earth Fund, a non-profit organization.

Buzz Five (Brass Quintet)

Formed in 1997 by classmates from Tokyo University of the Arts. In 2000, through an internal audition, she performed at the Tokyo University of the Arts chamber music regular concert, and began full-scale activities. He has been invited to many events, including the FIFA World Cup and the opening ceremony of Nitten. Received 1st place in the brass quintet division of the Japan Brass Competition 2001, as well as the grand prize, the Kawasaki Mayor's Award, and the Senzoku Gakuen Award. So far, he has studied under Masakatsu Kurita and Satoshi Kamiya. In addition to their individual performance skills, their ensemble ability and stage progress were also highly evaluated, and their performances were featured on NHK-FM. In 2002, he released his first album "Disc Buzz". In February 2009, the long-awaited second album "Bazooka" was released and received favorable reviews. Since 2004, he has been active as a registered artist for the Regional Creation Public Hall Music Revitalization Project, and has been actively performing throughout the country.

Jin Ueda (Trumpet)
Born in Kyoto Prefecture. Started playing the trumpet at the age of 12. After studying music at Horikawa High School, graduated from the Faculty of Music at Tokyo University of the Arts. Studied at the Weimar Franz Liszt College of Music in Germany as a trainee of the 2009 Overseas Study Program for Upcoming Artists (Agency for Cultural Affairs). So far, he has studied chamber music with Hiroaki Hayasaka, Masahiko Kurano, Genzo Kitamura, U. Komischke, and W. Hilgarth. He has performed with Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, and Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra. Released solo albums "Kaleidoscope" and "Telescope". Won 1st place in the 69th Japan Music Competition Trumpet Division and the Matsushita Prize. Received the 2004 Aoyama Music Award. Tokyo City Philharmonic member, Siena Wind Orchestra contract member, Buzz Five leader.

Satoshi Ogawa (Trumpet)
Born in Takamatsu City. Started playing the trumpet at the age of 13. Graduated from the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. 1st place in the Kagawa Junior Music Competition. First place in the brass instrument category of the All Shikoku Music Competition. Performed at the Terrsa Music Festival and won the Kagawa Prefectural Governor's Award. Performed at Mt. Fuji International Music Festival. So far, he has studied under Mineo Sugiki, Naohiro Tsuken, Zensuke Fukuda, and P. Thibault. Currently working as a freelancer.

Masami Tomoda (Horn)
Born in Saitama prefecture. At the age of 12, he began studying the horn under Makoto Yamamoto. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts music department attached music high school. Appeared at Tokyo University of the Arts Doseikai newcomer concert. Passed the Sainokuni Emerging Musician Audition and performed in the same debut concert. Performed with the Tokyo University of the Arts Student Orchestra and the Romanian National Symphony Orchestra.
In 2004, he completed the Liszt Conservatory of Music, dispatched as an overseas trainee by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Studied horn under Makoto Yamamoto, Yutaka Matsuzaki, M. Nagy, Kozo Moriyama, V. Papyrin, F. Adam, and S. Palma, and chamber music under Koji Okazaki, Masakatsu Kurita, and Satoshi Kamiya. Members of Horn Ensemble Noah, United Horn Club, and Ensemble SIX. Principal player of the Yokohama Sinfonietta.

Tadaaki Kato (Trombone)
Born in Saitama prefecture. Started playing the trombone at the age of 10. Graduated from the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Studied trombone under the late Naoyuki Shiraishi, the late Yukio Nagahama, and Satoshi Kamiya. For two years from 2004, he served as a part-time lecturer at the Tokyo University of the Arts Orchestral Research Department. Recently, he has held solo concerts all over the country while serving as an extra in orchestras and brass bands. In addition, he is also focusing on teaching younger generations such as wind instruments, and is invited as a lecturer at domestic wind instrument clinics and seminars. In 2006 and 2007, he was an artist registered with the Regional Creation Public Hall Music Revitalization Project. Ensemble Dongfeng member. Executive Director of the Japan Trombone Association.

Masae Ishimaru (Tuba)
Born in Toyama prefecture. Started tuba at the age of 12. Graduated from the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. In addition to orchestra and brass band, he performs in various fields such as chamber music and ensemble. In addition, we actively focus on teaching backwards. As a tuba player, he has an established reputation for his delicate and warm tones while firmly supporting the bass of the ensemble. As one of the few female tuba players, she has developed a distinctive activity.