Toshihisa Ogushi HAPPY SAX CONCERT

Toshihisa Ogushi HAPPY SAX CONCERT


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Venue: Barrio Hall

Concert Overview: Piano: Mitsutaka Shiraishi Latin Percussion: Tatsuji Yokoyama Saxophone: Toshihisa Ogushi

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Hideshi Suzuki - Arrangement - Latin Fiesta

Kazuko Nishigami - Arrangement - Neapolitan folk song

Hideshi Suzuki - Arrangement - Carmen 98

Hirohisa Ikuno - Composed and Arranged - Memories Soumato

Souichi Konagaya - Arrangement - Rhapsody by Flight of the Bumblebee

Bunichi Hirata - Composition - Luna De Amor and others


Born in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture. Joined the brass band when he entered junior high school. At first, I wanted to play the trumpet the most, but it didn't make any sound at all. He picked up the saxophone he had been wearing and joined the ranks of Bandokko. In 1975, he entered Yamagata Kita High School Music Department as a piano player, but in 1976, when he was in the second year of high school, he went to the United States as a member of the All Japan High School Selection Band for the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States. aspire to the way 1978 Entered Tokyo University of the Arts. For me, a country boy, everything was new and stimulating for the past four years. Despite repeated failures, I was able to become a teacher, a senior, a friend, and a junior, and with the help of everyone, I graduated safely in 1982. In the fall of the same year, he entered the Paris National Conservatoire. Paris was a dream of mine, but for me, who traveled to France with only Bonjour and Merci, the language barrier was bigger than I had expected, and I wondered what would happen. Graduated with an award and returned to Japan. As soon as he returned to Japan, he was hit by the hardships of life for a while. In retrospect, those days were so-called times when I couldn't eat, but they were really fulfilling and happy. After that, through the ups and downs of the days, it reaches the present. Currently, in addition to holding solo concerts and clinics all over the country and abroad, he is also active as a lecturer at Studio Work, Shobi Gakuen Junior College, and Tokyo Music & Media Arts Shobi. Selmer artist. Studied the saxophone under the late Arata Sakaguchi, the late Yuichi Omuro, Daniel Defayer, and Jack Terry.