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Chamber Opera Prague "Le nozze d"

Chamber Opera Prague "Le nozze d"


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Prague Chamber Opera "The Marriage of Figaro" (Wakayama performance)
Chamber Opera Prague "Le nozze di Figaro" in Wakayama

Place: Wakayama Prefectural Cultural Center Large Hall

All reserved seats
SS ¥10,000
S seat ¥8,000
A seat ¥6,000
B seat ¥4,000
C seat ¥ 2,000 (student)
Organizer: Wakayama Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture Cultural Promotion Foundation (Wacaf)
Sponsored by: Embassy of the Czech Republic


Opera "The Marriage of Figaro"

Composer: WA Mozart
Original: C. Beaumarchais
Script: L. da Ponte

Beaumarchais, a popular playwright of the 18th century, ironically and lightly depicts the emotions of life in the first "Sevilla" and second "Figaro" of the "Figaro Trilogy".
A few years after "Seville", the stage moves to the second work "The Marriage of Figaro". Thanks to Figaro, the count's passion for his wife Rosina has cooled, and now he plots to make Figaro's fiancé Susanna a thing. The allied team of Figaro, Susanna, and the Countess punishes the Count, ending with a happy ending.