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Takanori Nakano Piano Recital

Takanori Nakano Piano Recital


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Takanori Nakano Piano Recital

Venue : Nihon University Casals Hall
Nihon Daigaku Casals Hall

All seats unreserved 4,000 yen


Scriabin: Fantasy Sonata op.19
Brahms: Three Interludes op.117
Liszt: Sonata Fantasia "Read Dante" from Year 2 of the Pilgrimage "Italy"
Prokofiev: Sonata No.8 in B flat major op.84
"War Sonata"


After studying at Tokyo University of the Arts High School of Music and Tokyo University of the Arts, completed the piano course at the same graduate school in 1990. He studied under Teruharu Karashima, Haruko Kasama, and the late Takahiro Sonoda. Received the Ataka Prize while in school. In the same year, he traveled to Europe, where he played the pianos of the late Erich Andreas and the late Georges Chebek at the Berlin University of the Arts, and chamber music of Marianne Becher and Ira.
Studied under N Groenig and Manfred Scherzer. In 1994, he graduated from the same university with the highest honors, and during that time he performed many solo and chamber music concerts in various places, mainly in Berlin. In 1994, he gave his debut recital in Tokyo and appeared on NHK FM's "Saturday Recital". In addition, he is widely active as an accompanist for orchestral performances, chamber music, and songs, and is highly trusted by his co-stars. Currently an associate professor at Tokyo Gakugei University.