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London Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet [Osaka Performance]

London Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet [Osaka Performance]


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Brass Quintet of London Symphony Orchestra in Osaka

Venue : Takatsuki Contemporary Theater Large Hall
Takatsuki Gendai Gekijyo Concert Hall

General 1F seat 3000 yen 2F seat 2000 yen
Student 1000 yen

Takatsuki Contemporary Theater 072-671-9999


J. Maynard: Fanfare
M.Rock: Music for His Majesty the King's Sackbut and Cornet
G. Farnaby: Fantasies, Toys, Dreams
M.Arnold: Brass Quintet
M. Barkley: Music From Chaucer
J. Horowitz: Three Movements from "Music Hall Suite"
N. Gumm Arranged by Andrew Lloyd-Webber Medley