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Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace Theater "Bat" (Matsumoto)

Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace Theater "Bat" (Matsumoto)


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Musik Theater Schoenbrunn, Wien 'Die Fledermaus' in Matsumoto

Venue : Matsumoto Performing Arts Center

all seat reservation only
SS15000 S13000 A10000 B8000 C6000
*All seats reserved, tax included, preschool children not allowed

Conductor: Robert Zelzer

Orchestra: Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace Theater Orchestra
Orchester des Schlosstheater Schoenbrunn, Wien

Chorus: Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace Theater Choir
Chor des Schlosstheater Schoenbrunn, Wien

Chorus Master: Thomas BOETTCHER

Director: Volker VOGEL

Scenography: Dietrich von GREBMER

Choreography: Susanne KIRNBAUER


Operetta "The Bat" 'Die Fledermaus'
[Performed in German with Japanese subtitles] Running time about 3 hours (including 1 intermission)

Composer: J. Strauss II (1825-1899)
Based on the comedy "Reveillon" by Henri Meyac and Ludovic Halevy
Libretto: Karl Hafner, Richard Jeunet
Premiered: 1874 Theater an der Wien