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Concert for KIDS 0 years old concert

Concert for KIDS 0 years old concert


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Venue : Philia Hall

Organizer/Inquiries: Tagajo City Hall 022-368-0132

1 person ticket 2500 yen
Pair ticket 4000 yen


Akie Amaha (soprano)
Mitsutaka Shiraishi (piano)


Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod Arr.) / Ave Maria (Schubert)
"Dedication" (Arranged by Liszt), "Walnut Tree", "Lotus Flower",
"Zulaika's Song", "You Are Like a Flower", "From the Rose of the East", Traumerei (Schumann)
Hamabe, Nami's Baby, Umiha..., Good Night Mama, Lovers, KISS (Onaka On)
Lullaby Song, Good Night (Yoshinao Nakata)/Mozart's Lullaby (Mozart)
Schubert's Lullaby (Schubert), etc.