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Tokyo Philharmonic Children's Music Museum 2010

Tokyo Philharmonic Children's Music Museum 2010


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Venue : Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Organizer: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Co-sponsored by: Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation


* Conductor/Supervisor : Dan Ettinger
* Hansel : Akiko Tomioka
* Gretel : Rie Miyake
* Witch/father (2 roles) : Masahiko Haru
* Mother : Kasumi Shimizu
* Facilitator (Dr. Honetrin) : Kenichi Nakagawa
* Piano and Story : Dr. Nakagawa
* Special Guest (Friendship Appearance) : Blue Man Group
* Composer: Kaori Togashi
* Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

S seat 3000 yen A seat 2000 yen


Dr. Nakagawa's "Opera" Music Laboratory

Humperdinck / From the opera "Hansel and Gretel" (Performed in Japanese)