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Atsushi Sato Piano Recital “The Trajectory and Miracle of the Felt Soul”

Atsushi Sato Piano Recital “The Trajectory and Miracle of the Felt Soul”


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Sato Atsushi Piano Recital

Venue : Ibaraki Prefectural Cultural Center

Supported by: Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Japan Federation of Musicians,
Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Music Doseikai Tokyo Branch, Ibaraki Performers Federation

Free seating: ¥4,000


Nocturne in B flat major Op.9-1
Nocturne in F major, Op.15-1
Nocturne Minor, Op.15-3
Nocturne in C Sharp Minor Op.27 No.1
Nocturne in A-Flat Major, Op.32-2
Four Mazurkas Op.17
Brilliant Waltz, Op.34-1
Fantastic Polonaise, Op.61, etc.

F. Chopin:
Nocturne op.9-1, op.15-1, op.15-3, op.27-1, op.32-2
4 Mazurka op.17
Valse brillante op.34-1
Polonaise No.7 'Polonaise-fantaisie' op.61


Atushi Sato

Born in Hokkaido in 1949. Studied piano under Sai Kageyama, the late Yuko Ikeda, the late Mitsuko Tanaka, Hiroshi Tamura, Shozo Tsubota, and Kazuko Yasukawa.

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1972 (received the "Ataka Prize" while still in school). Appeared in the 20th Graduation Special Concert. Completed the same graduate school in 1974 (performed in the closing concert of the "Summer International Academy of Music" in Salzburg while still in school). Since June of the same year, he has been working as a full-time lecturer at the Department of Music, Faculty of Education, Ibaraki University.

Currently Professor at Ibaraki University, Chairman of the Ibaraki Music Federation, Member of the Japan Music Federation, Honorary Doctor of Arts (Iondo University, USA).