Tokyo Philharmonic Children's Music Museum 2011

Tokyo Philharmonic Children's Music Museum 2011


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Children's music, music, hall 2011

A bridge to the future

~The Ninth Power~

Venue : Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Sponsor/Contact: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Co-sponsored by: Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation


Conductor/Supervisor: Dan Ettinger
Special guest/facilitator: Nozomi Ohashi
Annaliese/facilitator: Dr. Nakagawa (Kenichi Nakagawa)

Soprano: Chikako Ohsumi
Alto: Kasumi Shimizu
Tenor: Masato Takada
Baritone: Takahito Asai

All seats reserved S3000 yen A2000 yen


Beethoven: 4th Movement from Symphony No.9


Kenichi Nakagawa Pianist/Conductor
Ken'ichi Nakagawa

Studied piano and conducting at Toho Gakuen University, and after graduating, completed the piano course at the Antwerp Conservatory in Belgium. In 1997, he won the 3rd prize at the Gaudeamus International Contemporary Music Competition in the Netherlands. After returning to Japan in 1998, he has been widely active in solo, chamber music, and conducting. Appeared on NHK-FM and premiered many new works. Participated in the Suntory Summer Festival, the Tokyo Summer Music Festival, and the Takefu International Music Festival. Pianist and conductor of the contemporary music ensemble "Ensemble Nomad". Active collaborations with other fields, such as Mari Natsuki's "Impressionism" series appearances, readings and music with the late Mitsuko Yorichika, Hiroko Ito, Aya Hirano, etc. "Just Composed in Yokohama 03" and 2004 "Super Esoteric Music Festival" (Sendai) Music Director and Producer. As a conductor, he has performed with the Tokyo Chamber Opera and the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra. Recently, he has conducted the Tokyo Philharmonic in a collaboration with tap dancer Kazunori Kumagai. Developed analyzes with piano performances and talks at NHK TV "Meikyoku Tantei Amadeus", Tokyo Philharmonic, Sakkyo, Mito Chamber Orchestra, etc. Part-time lecturer at Ochanomizu University and Toho Gakuen University. Received the 2001 Miyagi Prefecture Art Encouragement Award for New Artists.