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Munotzil Brass (Yokohama Performance)

Munotzil Brass (Yokohama Performance)


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Mnozil Brass

Venue : Yokohama Minatomirai Hall/Large Hall

Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall

All seats reserved: S ¥5,000 A ¥4,500 B ¥4,000

Secrets behind the new Blofeld

- That's the movie "007"!

Organizer: MIN-ON

Inquiries: MIN-ON Information Center 03-2336-9999



Goldfinger by John Barry, Arr. Leonhard Paul
"Goldfinger" from the movie "007 Series" / J.Burley

>From Russia with love by John Barry, Arr. Leonhard Paul
From the movie "007 series" "From Russia with love" / J.Burley

Live and let die by Paul McCartney, Arr. Leonhard Paul
From the movie "007 series" "It's them who die" / P. McCartney

Bond Theme, Arr. Leonhard Paul
"James Bond Theme" from the movie "007 Series" / M. Norman

Scene d'Amour from "Vertigo" by Bernhard Herrmann
"Scene d'Amour" from Hitchcock's film "Vertigo"/B. Herman

Main theme from “Psycho” by Bernhard Herrmann
"Main Theme" from Hitchcock's "Psycho" / B. Herman

Masquerade Waltz by A.Katchaturian
"Waltz" from Suite "Masquerade" /A. Khachaturian

Petit Mari, petite femme by George Bizet
"Little Play" to "Little Master, Little Wife" / G. Bizet

Birdland by Joe Zawinul
Birdland/J. Zawinul

Gerard mon Amour by Thomas Gansch
Gérard Mon Amour/T. Ganche

Bic by Thomas Gansch

Country Madness by Leonhard Paul
Country Madness/L.Paul

Du holde Kunst by Franz Schubert, Arr. Leonhard Paul
Gaku no Oto/F. Schubert (L. Paul) and others