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Buzz Five Concert 015 Buzz Five Concert "Africa"

Buzz Five Concert 015 Buzz Five Concert "Africa"


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Buzz Five Concert 015

Venue : Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall

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Buzz Five (Brass Quintet)

Hitoshi Ueda (Trumpet)

Satoshi Ogawa (Trumpet)

Masami Tomoda (Horn)

Naoaki Kato (Trombone)

Kaorue Ishimaru (Tuba)


Yoshihiko Miza (Percussion)

Photo: Shuhei Nezu


RW Smith (Arranged by Shoko Uchida): African Rituals and Songs, Religious Liturgy
G. Verdi (arranged by Satoshi Ogawa): Triumphal March from the opera "Aida"
Yosuke Fukuda: New song premiere
C. Saint-Saëns (arranged by Yoshiyuki Kanazawa): "Bacchanal" from the opera "Samson and Delilah"


Buzz Five
Formed in 1997 by classmates from Tokyo University of the Arts. In 2000, through an internal audition, she performed at the Tokyo University of the Arts chamber music regular concert, and began full-scale activities. He has been invited to many events, including the FIFA World Cup and the opening ceremony of Nitten. Received first place in the brass quintet division of the Japan Brass Competition 2001, as well as the Grand Prize, the Kawasaki Mayor's Prize, and the Senzoku Gakuen Prize. So far, he has studied under Masakatsu Kurita and Satoshi Kamiya. In addition to their individual performance skills, their ensemble ability and stage progress were also highly evaluated, and their performances were featured on NHK-FM. CD released "Disc Buzz" in 2002. February 2009 Released "Bazooka". Since 2004, he has been active as a registered artist for the Regional Creation Public Hall Music Revitalization Project, and has been actively performing throughout the country.