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Lecture Concert The Secrets of Great Composers Revealed by Composers Vol.2 "The Mystery of Composers and Instruments" Shinichiro Ikebe

Lecture Concert The Secrets of Great Composers Revealed by Composers Vol.2 "The Mystery of Composers and Instruments" Shinichiro Ikebe


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Lecture Concert The Secrets of Great Composers Revealed by Composers
Vol.2 "The Mystery of Composers and Instruments" Shinichiro Ikebe
Lecture Concert by Shinichiro Ikebe


Venue : Chofu City Cultural Center Tazukuri Kusunoki Hall

All seats reserved ¥3,500 each time

Starring: Shinichiro Ikebe (Story)

Quartet Resonanza (string quartet by members of the NHK Symphony Orchestra)

Inquiries: Chofu City Culture and Community Promotion Foundation Green Hall Ticket Service 042-481-7222


In this two-part series, Akira Senju and Shinichiro Ikebe, composers active at the forefront of the field, who are well-known on NHK and other TV programs for their fashionable and easy-to-understand manner, talk about the "great" composers of classical music.

In the first installment, Akira Senju will deliver a story about poetry and music, focusing on songs.
In the second installment, Shinichiro Ikebe talks about the wonder of the composer's creation of sound, along with the performance of the string quartet, which is the core of the orchestra.

The secrets of great composers that can only be understood by these two composers. Why don't you follow the thoughts they put into their music together?

[Scheduled songs]
♪ String Quartet No. 77 "Emperor" - 1st movement / Haydn
♪ From Serenade No. 13 "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" / Mozart
♪ String Quartet No. 11 "Serioso" ~ 1st movement / Beethoven
♪ String Quartet ~ 2nd movement / Ravel
♪ String Quartet No. 12 "America" ​​(all songs) / Dvořák


Shinichiro Ikebe Composer
Born in Mito City in 1943. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1967. Completed graduate school in 1971. 1st place in the 1966 Japan Music Competition. In the same year, he won first place in the Ongaku no Tomosha Chamber Music Composition Competition. 1968 Ongaku no Tomosha Award. Since then, he has won the Salzburg TV Opera Festival Excellence Award, the Italian Broadcasting Corporation Award 3 times, the International Emmy Award, the Arts Festival Excellence Award 4 times, the Otaka Award 2 times, the Mainichi Film Concours Music Award 3 times, and the Japan Academy Award Excellence Music Award 9 times. . NHK Symphony Orchestra Arima Award in 1997, Broadcast Culture Award in 2002, Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2004. Works: Symphony �T~�Z, Piano Concerto �T~�U, Cello Concerto, operas "Shinigami", "Miminashi Hoichi", "Rokumeikan", and many other orchestral, chamber, choral, and Japanese music. About 70 movies including "Kagemusha", "Narayama Bushiko", "Unagi", about 470 theater music including Haiyuza and Bungakuza, and music for TV programs such as "Dokuganryu Masamune", "Mio Tsukushi", "Genroku Ryoran" and "Future Boy Conan". Author of many books. Currently, he is a professor at Tokyo College of Music, director of Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, music director of Tokyo Opera City, director of Western music at Ishikawa Prefectural Ongakudo, director of Setagaya Ward Music Department, director of JR East Akarenga Concert, Art Tower Mito, and Himeji Parnassus Hall. Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee for the National Cultural Festival of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Director and Councilor of the New National Theatre, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, etc. Hosted TV program "NHK Symphony Hour" for 13 years until March 2009.

Quartetto Risonanza String Quartet by members of the NHK Symphony Orchestra

Atsushi Shirai 1st violin
Graduated from Toho Gakuen University. In 1999, he joined the NHK Symphony Orchestra. In 2003, studied abroad in Austria/Vienna as an overseas trainee of the Affinis Cultural Foundation. Studied violin under Akira Morioka, Takeshi Hidaka, Koko Shinozaki, and Alexander Arenkow. Currently, quartet resonanza 1st violin, string ensemble "Vega", chamber orchestra "ARCUS" member, NHK Symphony Orchestra 2nd violin Vorspieler.

Hiroyuki Yamaguchi 2nd violin
Studied the violin under the late Saburo Sumi. Graduated from Toho Gakuen University. Joined the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in June 1975 while attending Toho Girls' High School (co-ed). After graduating the following year, he was appointed concertmaster and remained there until 1979. In May 1979, he joined the NHK Symphony Orchestra. In June 1984, he was appointed concertmaster after serving as principal second violinist. In 1983, he formed the Zephyrus String Quartet. He also teaches young musicians at Toho Gakuen University and Tokyo College of Music.

Satoshi Ono Viola
After graduating from the Yamagata University Faculty of Education (Tokuon), he joined the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra. In 1987, he took a one-year hiatus to study at Freiburg University of Music. After returning to Japan, he served as the acting principal. In 1990, he joined the NHK Symphony Orchestra. Studied Va. with Yoshiaki Nakatsuka, the late U. Koch, and Junji Suganuma. Currently, he is active in a wide range of fields, mainly in orchestral music, as well as in chamber music, belonging to the Quartetto Resonanza, the Stos String Quartet, and the New Adonis String Quartet.

Shunsuke Yamanouchi cello
At the age of 10, he studied the cello under the late Kenichiro Tokunaga. While studying at Toho Gakuen, studied chamber music under Tsugio Tokunaga, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Hakuro Mouri, and Shigeo Neriki. He has also attended masterclasses by Daniel Shafran, Michel Strauss and Walter Notus. In 1994, he joined the NHK Symphony Orchestra. In 1999, he went to Germany as an overseas trainee of the Agency for Cultural Affairs and studied under Professor Walter Notas of Munich University of Music. He also attended a chamber music masterclass by Igor Oistrakh. Currently active in chamber music, mainly in orchestras.