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2nd Yangju Furyu Gakukai Performance in Japan "Korean Furyu"

2nd Yangju Furyu Gakukai Performance in Japan "Korean Furyu"


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Venue : Kioi Small Hall

Advance ticket 4,000 yen (Same-day ticket 5,000 yen)

Organizer: Yangju Furyu Gakukai
Sponsored by: Confectionery Specialty Group Crown Haitai

Inquiries: 070-5572-4337 (Abe)


[Part 1] 45 minutes
1 Performing all chapters of Ryozen Kaiso

[Part 2] 60 minutes
2 Salpuri [Dance: Hong Geum Sang]
3 Gayageum Sanjo [Gayageum: Yang Yongseop]
4 Pansori [Vocal: Ahn Suk-sung / Drummer: Jung Hwa-young]
5 Gyeonggi Folk Song [Singer: Lee Chun Hee / Accompaniment: Musical Korean Orchestra]


Choi Chun-eun, Jung Jae-gook, Kang Sa-joon, Kim Jung-soo, Lee Chun-hee, Ahn Suk-sun, Park Young-ho, Hong Jung-jin, Yang Young-seop, Hwang Jun-young, Lee Gi-seol, Jung Dae-seok, Kim Hansung, Ha Joo Hwa, Kwak Tae Gyu, Min U Sik, Hong Geum Sang, Lee Tae Baek, Jung Seung Young, Jung Hwa Young

Yangju Furyu Gakkai is an organization established in 2010 with the support of Crown Haetae Co., Ltd. It is composed of 15 masters of Korean traditional performing arts, including living national treasures of Korea. In addition to holding a monthly performance that inherits the elegance and beauty of Korean traditions, it also holds a Japan-Korea exchange concert every year.