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New York Philharmonic Brass Quintet [Fukuoka/Kitakyushu Performance]

New York Philharmonic Brass Quintet [Fukuoka/Kitakyushu Performance]


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New York Philharmonic Principal Brass Quintet in Fukuoka

Venue : Kitakyushu Hibiki Hall
Kitakyushu-shi Hibiki Hall

Reserved seat 3,500 yen Non-reserved seat (general) 3,000 yen Non-reserved seat (student) 1,500 yen *Add 500 yen each on the day

Monsters from the prestigious New York Philharmonic return to Japan!
Released by the world's best brass section,

The breath of a shining super skyscraper!

Normal 0 0 1 Five 29 1 1 35 11.1282 0 10 points 0 2 $([\{£¥'“<<<“[〔$([{“\ !%),.:;?]}¢°'”‰′″°C,.专》””]] ゜ゞ・ヽヾ!%),.:;?]}. "、・゚

Organizer/Inquiries: Kitakyushu Arts Foundation 093-663-6661


Nicola Ferro: Entry Piece
Nicola Ferro: Entry Piece

Anthony DiLorenzo: Nexus
Anthony DiLorenzo :Nexus

Brian Balmages: Brass Quintet
Brian Balmages: Music for Five Brass
1. Rhythm
2. Prayer
3. Dance Dance

Leonard Bernstein: "On the Town" Suite
(Arrangement: A. DiLorenzo)
Leonard Bernstein: On The Town Suite
arr. Anthony DiLorenzo


John Cheetham: Scherzo
John Cheetham: Scherzo

George Gershwin: Quintessential Gershwin
(Arrangement: S. Bra)
George Gershwin :The Quintessential Gershwin
arr. Stephen Bulla
1. I Got Rhythm
2. Shinobi Yoru Koi Love Walked In
3. Fascinatin' Rhythm

Duke Ellington: Don't do anything until I tell you
(Arrangement: R. Elker)
Duke Ellington:Do Nothin' Til You Hear From Me
arr. Robert Elkjer

latin american suite
A Latin American Suite
1. Sonny Rollins (Arranged by R. Elker): St. Thomas
Sonny Rollins, arr. Robert Elkjer: St. Thomas
2. Robert Elker: Speak Softly
Robert Elkjer:Speak Softly
3. Juan Tizor (Arrangement: R.Elker): Caravan
Juan Tizol, arr. Robert Elkjer :Caravan

*Some of the performers and songs may change. Thank you for your understanding.


Philip Smith (Principal, New York Philharmonic) Philip Smith, trumpet
Ethan Bensdorf, trumpet
Joseph Alessi (Principal, New York Philharmonic) Joseph Alessi, trombone
Philip Myers, horn
Alan Baer, ​​tuba (Principal, New York Philharmonic)