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Let's compose with dice!

Let's compose with dice!


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Plans related to the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Cage

Kenichi Nakagawa Contemporary Music Workshop

Date: July 21st (Sat), 22nd (Sun)

・Day 1 7/21 (Sat) Workshop

�@Elementary school 1st-3rd grade/13:00-14:30

�A Elementary school 4th to 6th grade / 16: 00-17: 30

・Day 2 7/22 (Sun) Workshop & Concert

[Everyone] 14:00〜16:00

Venue: Sancha Sharenado Assembly Room Orion (Setagaya Ward, Tokyo)

Capacity: 20 each on a first-come, first-served basis

Participation fee: 1,500 yen

Reception starts: June 10 (Sun)

Sponsored / Inquiries: Setagaya Cultural Foundation Music Division 03-5432-1535

※It will be closed as soon as it becomes capacity.

*Finishing time is tentative.