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Kana Kitajima & Yukari Arai Family Concert

Kana Kitajima & Yukari Arai Family Concert


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Kana Kitajima & Yukari Arai Family Concert

Venue : Ofunato Civic Cultural Center Rias Hall Large Hall
Ohfunato Shimin Bunka Kaikan Rias Hall

All seats are unreserved Adults 1000 yen (1200 yen on the day) Free for high school students and younger

Organizer: Ofunato City
Co-sponsored by: Regional Creation Foundation
Production cooperation: Japan Classical Music Industry Association

Tickets/Inquiries: Rias Hall Phone 0192-26-4478

[Public Hall Music Revitalization Project]


C. Debussy: Maiden with flaxen hair
F. Liszt: La Campanella
E. Elgar: Greetings of Love
R. Schumann: Traumerei
JS Bach: Aria on the G String
C. Franck: Sonata for Violin and Piano

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