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Hiroshi Ikematsu & 5 Contrabass

Hiroshi Ikematsu & 5 Contrabass


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Hiroshi Ikematsu & 5 Contrabasses
A new contrabass world created by Hiroshi Ikematsu

: Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall

Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall

All seats are unreserved General 5000 yen Student 3500 yen
[Same-day tickets: Sold in sufficient quantity at the venue entrance from 18:30]


Great Haru Kawashima: Pagani Crab *Solo: Hiroshi Ikematsu
Jean-Philippe Villet: Korasong
Christian Giante: Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass&Bass
From Japanese Songs: Beach Song / Kojo no Tsuki / Sakura
From film music: Moonlight Serenade / Theme from "Man and Woman" etc.

Motoharu Kawashima : Pagani Crab *solo, H. Ikematsu
Jean-Philippe Viret: Kora song
Christian Gentet : Bass,Bass,Bass,Bass,Bass&Bass
From Japanese Song : Hamabeno Uta / Ko-Jo-No Tsuki / Sakura
From Film Music : Moonlight Serenade / Theme from "A Man And A Woman" and more.


A contrabass sextet formed by Hiroshi Ikematsu, who is active all over the world as a solo contrabass player, with the most trusted members. With "Japan" as a unique theme that is not found in existing double bass groups in Europe and other countries, they fascinate the audience with their selection of songs and performances full of originality. In order to overwhelm the kind of "result" directed at them by arranging songs for other instruments for the contrabass, they stepped into an unknown area that is not in the existing range or playing method, and continued to challenge the limit. there is

*From the left of the photo

● Hiroshi Ikematsu
Born in Brazil in 1964. Started double bass at the age of 19 and studied under Shunsaku Tsutsumi. After entering Toho Gakuen School of Music, he studied orchestral and chamber music under Mitsuru Onozaki, Naofumi Nishida, and Masahiko Tanaka. After graduating, he studied under Gary Carr in Canada. Joined the NHK Symphony Orchestra in 1989, and since 1994 he has been the principal player of the orchestra, while also performing extensively in solo and chamber music. In 1992, he founded the string ensemble "String Ensemble 'Vega'" without a conductor, and holds regular performances once a year. Also released an album as a member of the "Pleiad Quintet", which actively engages in performances and premieres of contemporary music. In 1999, he held his first solo recital, showing off his sophisticated musicality and amazing technique, which made him a hot topic. After that, he gave recitals in various places, all of which were highly acclaimed. He has captivated many audiences with his flexible ideas and performances that are not bound by the framework of classical music, such as solo contrabass ensembles and ensemble performances with five silent basses. In addition, he has participated in Kurashiki Music Festival, Miyazaki International Music Festival, La Folle Journée au Japon, Dresden Music Festival, Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto, and performed in the JT Art Hall Chamber Music Series. He has released 5 solo albums so far. After retiring from the NHK Symphony Orchestra in 2006, he moved to New Zealand, and in May of the same year became the Principal double bass player of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. Currently a member of Kioi Sinfonietta Tokyo, Tokyo Ensemble and Saito Kinen Orchestra. As one of the world's top contrabass players, he is gaining more and more attention.

● Kotomi Masuda
Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. Completed research student at Toho Gakuen. Studied double bass under Hiroshi Ikematsu and Gary Carr in Canada. Until 2005, he was a part-time lecturer at Kunitachi College of Music. Active mainly in orchestra, chamber music, and recording. In addition, he is energetically active in bands with musicians of other genres.

●Masashi Kimura
Born in 1985. Born in Saitama prefecture. Started electric bass and contrabass at the age of 15. So far, he has studied double bass under Jun Saito and Yoshio Nagashima. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and completed the master's course at the same graduate school. Started studio work and live performances while attending Tokyo University of the Arts. Head of the contrabass ensemble "Black Bass Quintet". In August 2012, the 2nd album will be released. Currently, in addition to activities in classical music such as orchestra, he is active in various genres such as jazz and pop music.

●Yota Takahashi
Graduated from Aomori Yamada High School. Joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra in 2006 after graduating from Toho Gakuen University. Studied the double bass under Hiroshi Ikematsu, Osamu Yamamoto, Nobuaki Nakata, D.McTeer, E.Weissensteiner, and J.Linowitzki. Studied orchestral and chamber music under Naofumi Nishida and Tomoko Kato. In 2005, he received the Aomori Citizen's Cultural Award. Participated in the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project. In 2007, he held a debut recital in Aomori, Tokyo, and received rave reviews. So far, he has participated in Affinis Summer Music Festival, Saito Kinen Orchestra, Tokyo Spring Music Festival -Tokyo Opera Forest-. Currently active as a contrabass player for the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, a specially invited lecturer at Toho Gakuen University, and a member of Orchestra MAP'S. As a soloist, he holds recitals and duo concerts in various places, and is active in a wide range of solo and chamber music.

Minoru Yamazaki / Minoru Yamazaki
Born in Tokyo. He started playing the violin and piano in his childhood, and started playing the double bass at the age of 16. Graduated from Toho Gakuen University. Active in various genres, including classical music, while still in school. In 1999, he became a member of the tango unit led by Ryota Komatsu, a bandoneon player, and participated in various live performances and recordings. From 2001 to 2003, he served as a part-time lecturer at Kunitachi College of Music. Since 2003, he has been the principal contrabass player of the Gunma Symphony Orchestra. Studied in Cologne, Germany for one year from September 2008. He has studied under Shu Yoshida, the late Asahiko Eguchi, Hideki Hoshi, Hiroshi Ikematsu, and Yasunori Kawahara.

●Shinji Nishiyama
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Instrumental Music Department in 2001 after attending Tokyo University of the Arts Music High School. Received the Ataka Award and the Acanthus Music Award while on campus. Co-starring with the Tokyo University of the Arts Orchestra at the Tokyo University of the Arts Morning Concert. 3rd place in the 9th Takarazuka Vega Music Competition stringed instrument category. 1st place in the 2nd YBP International Competition. Appeared in the 71st Yomiuri Rookie Concert. Passed the Toppan Hall debut concert audition and appeared in the concert. He has studied under Yoshio Nagashima, Naofumi Nishida, and Shigeru Ishikawa. In April 2003, he joined the NHK Symphony Orchestra. Currently, NHK Symphony Orchestra Principal Substitute. A member of the indoor orchestra ARCUS. He is also active in "Duo Twins" with his twin brother (cello).