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15th Trombone Academy & Festival [Academy]

15th Trombone Academy & Festival [Academy]


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Trombone Academy & Festival 15th

Venue : Kita Ward, Takinogawa Kaikan

Kita-ku Takinokawa Kaikan

For event details and applications, please visit the Japan Trombone Association website.

* Click here to apply for the Academy
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March 9th (Sat) Academy

Group lessons by first-class instructors (beginners to advanced, music college entrance exams) Individual lessons are also available as an option

<Flow of the day>
9:45〜 Orientation
Group lessons (Individual lessons are held in parallel)
17:00〜 Student presentation (ensemble for each class)
+ Lecturer special performance

<Scheduled Lecturer> *Honorifics omitted
・Beginner class Kenichi Shudo (Musica Foresta)
・Intermediate class Tsukasa Numata (Tokyo Band), Motoi Nishioka (Tokyo Sinfonietta)
・Advanced class Nobuko Miyashita (New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra)
Hirosuke Hasegawa (Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra)
・Music college exam class Kyoichiro Kori (Siena Wind Orchestra)
・Kita Ward Elementary and Junior High School Class
Akitoshi Makise (Executive Director of our association), Masashi Sasaki (Freelancer)
・Individual lessons Nobuo Imai (President of our association), Junpei Inoue (Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra)
Kuniyasu Ouchi (University of Yamanashi), Naoaki Kato (BuzzFive)
Kazumi Kishina (Executive Director of the Association), Sumio Miwa (Advisor of the Association)
Junichiro Murakami (former Nobuo Hara and Sharps & Flats)