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Tokyo Spring Music Festival Museum Concert (piano: Mitsutaka Shiraishi)

Tokyo Spring Music Festival Museum Concert (piano: Mitsutaka Shiraishi)


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Tokyo Spring Music Festival -Tokyo Opera Forest 2013-

Tokyo Haru Ongakusai - Tokyo Opera no Mori 2013 -

Museum concert

Museum Concert

"Louvre Museum Exhibition: A Tale of 4,000 Years of the Mediterranean"


Vol.2 An artist's trip to the Mediterranean Sea - Admiration for Italy

Venue: Auditorium, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum


Piano: Mitsutaka Shiraishi

Cello: Gen Yokosaka



All seats free 2000 yen

Inquiries: Tokyo Spring Music Festival Executive Committee 03-3296-0600

Photo: Iwakiri et al.


Saint-Saëns: Memories of Italy op.80
from Five Venetian Songs op.58
1: Mandolin 2: Secretly
Sicilian-na op.78
Berlioz: Harold of Italy
Debussy: Hill of Anacapri (from Preludes Vol. 1)
Mendelssohn: The Venetian Barcarolle (From Songs Without Words Vol. 2)
List: "Venice and Naples" (Addendum to Years of Pilgrimage 2nd Italy)