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Canadian Brass [Sapporo Performance (PMF)]

Canadian Brass [Sapporo Performance (PMF)]


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Canadian Brass in Sapporo

Venue : Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara
Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara

“The most famous brass quintet in the world”
legendary ensemble
Take the world by storm with the strongest members!

All seats reserved S ¥3,000 A ¥2,000 B ¥1,000
S student ¥1,000 discount

Organizer/Inquiries: PMF Organizing Committee 011-242-221

【Play guide】

Ticket Pia P code 197-201
Lawson ticket L code 14896


[Updated June 25]
Galliardo Battaglia (S. Scheidt)
Come, sweet love (J. Dowland)
Canzon No. 1 for 5 voices (G.Gabrieri)
Small Fugue in G Minor (JS Bach)
From the album "Brahms on Brass" (J.Brahms)
Penny Lane (Beatles)
Dixie Bach (JS Bach)
From the album "Carnival" (R. Schumann)
Killer Tango (S. Compaq)
From Carmen Suite (G. Bizet)

Galliard Battaglia (S.Scheidt)
Come, Sweet Love (J.Dowland)
Canzona Prima a 5 (G.Gabrieli)

"Little" Fugue in G minor (JSBach)
Selections from the album “Brahms on Brass” (J.Brahms)
Penny Lane (Beatles)
Dixie Bach (JSBach)
Selections from the album (R.Schumann)
Killer Tango (Kompanek)
Suite from "Carmen" (G.Bizet)