Philharmonia Tama 11th Regular Concert "Inagi Tama Philharmonia Music Festival"

Philharmonia Tama 11th Regular Concert "Inagi Tama Philharmonia Music Festival"


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Inagi Tama-Filharmonia Music Festival
Filharmonia Tama the 11th Subscription Concert

Venue: Inagi City i Plaza Hall

Inaghi Civic i Plaza Hall

All seats are unreserved: General 3000 yen

Music Director/Conductor: Noh Imamura
Direttore d'orchestra: Chikara Imamura

Orchestra: Philharmonia Tama
Orchestra: Filharmonia Tama

Percussion soloist: Shinichi Ueno / multi-percussionist
Invited Composer: NTDAO (Nguyen Tran Dao)

Organizer: Tama Philharmonia Association
Tel.090-5425-9128 Fax.03-5497-3378

Supported by: Delegation of the European Union to Japan,
Embassy of Vietnam in Japan, Inagi City, Inagi City Board of Education


Francis Poulenc: French Suite
Francis Poulenc:Suite franaise d'aprs Claude Gervaise

Nguyen Cheng Dao: Ten Do Gu (Percussion Concerto)
Nguyen Thien Dao: Concerto Ten Do Gu”

Percussion soloist: Shinichi Ueno (multi-percussionist)
Percussion Solo: Shin-ichi Ueno

Claude Debussy: The Sea - Three Symphonic Sketches
Claude Debussy: La mer 3 Esquisses symphoniques


○Noh Imamura: Profile of music director and conductor

○Shinichi Ueno: Percussion soloist/multi-percussionist
Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. Many international competition awards. He has served as percussionist of the Strasbourg National Philharmonic in France, and principal percussionist and timpani player of the National Toulouse Capitole Orchestra. Invited performance at Paris International Percussion Forum (1980), Los Angeles Chamber Music Festival (1990), International Percussion Arts Association World Convention (PASIC 2007), PASIC European Convention (2007), duo recital with Yuji Takahashi (2008), Abe As a performer of contemporary music, he has been active both domestically and internationally, performing with Keiko in 2010 and performing at the Croatian International Percussion Festival in 2013. He has premiered over 50 new works. Passionate about teaching the next generation, many of his students have won prizes in domestic and international competitions. Director of Shinichi Ueno & Phonics Reflection and Ensemble Musica Vivante. His CDs include "Psaffa: 20th Century Percussion Art Collection vol.1" and "Flower World Shinichi Ueno & Yuji Takahashi Duo Recital Live". Part-time lecturer at Kunitachi College of Music and its affiliated high school.

○ NTDAO (Nguyen Trang Dao): Invited Composer
Born in Vietnam in 1940. Lives and works in France. In 1963, he studied under Messiaen at the National Conservatoire de Paris and graduated at the top of his class. He has received numerous awards, including the Olivier Messiaen Award (74) and the André Caplet Award (84). His works have been premiered by Radio France, Paris Opera, French National Orchestra, Hanoi Vietnam Orchestra and others. From the beginning, many of his works are inspired by Vietnamese and Chinese poetry, suggesting a fusion of the East and the West. While faithfully following the techniques of contemporary music, it is characterized by a powerful style filled with rich lyricism and passion. The orchestral version of the percussion concerto "Ten de Gou" (80) is one of his representative works, but he also has an opera "Ije's Child" on the theme of the massacre of Jews during World War II. There are also many dynamic large songs based on historical facts, such as "Tachi" (93). In recent years, there has been an increase in works that focus on the fusion of Vietnamese and Western music, such as the premiere of a new work in Hanoi and the music for the Vietnamese film "Pao's Story" (2008).

○ Orchestra: Philharmonia Tama
A professional orchestra formed in 2004 by a group of passionate music lovers in response to the requests of everyone in the Tama area. Conductor of the Polish National Opera: Under Noh Imamura, music director, we aim to provide high-quality music in the Tama area, rooted in the local area. The members are graduates of music colleges in the Tama area and talented musicians who have returned to Japan after working abroad. Humans cannot live without music. We are a professional group for music lovers and those who think "What, classical music?" Based in Amu Tachikawa, Parthenon Tama, and Inagi Municipal i-Plaza, they have appeared in various parts of the Tama area! Concertmaster: Hiroshi Nishida (former Bavarian State Opera/Tokyo Symphony Orchestra). He has performed with Hiroko Nakamura, Shoko Haida, Masato Makino, Hiroshi Kuroda, Chiho Oiwa and others.