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Asami Akutsu (soprano) & Jörg Demus (piano)

Asami Akutsu (soprano) & Jörg Demus (piano)


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Mami Akutsu, soprano &
Jörg Demus, piano

Venue: Hakuju Hall
Hakuju Hall

Reservations will be accepted until 18:00 on Friday, November 22nd.
Please contact us by phone (Tel 03-3943-6677).

All seats free
General ¥ 4,000
[Same-day tickets] A sufficient number will be sold from around 13:15.

Supported by: Embassy of Austria, Japan-Austria Cultural Association
Management/Tickets/Inquiries: Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677

Play guide:
Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 [P code 204-625 ]
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Ticket Service 03-5685-0650

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This performance is also eligible. For details, see

[Application Deadline] Must arrive by Tuesday, October 29th

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Please apply by e-mail or return postcard with the necessary information clearly stated.
After the deadline, we will send an invitation (ticket) to the winners and a notice to that effect to the unsuccessful winners.

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R. Schumann Robert Schumann

Jasmine bushes / Roses, roses!
Jasminenstrauch op.27-4 / Rselein, Rselein! op.89-6
lotus flower / pine snow grass
Die Lotosblume op.25-7 / Schneeglckchen op.79-26
"Scenes of a Child" [Piano Solo] / "A Woman's Love and Life"
“Kinderszenen” op.15 [piano solo] / “Frauenliebe und Leben” op.42


WA Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Fantasia in D Minor [Piano Solo]
Fantasie d-moll K.397 [piano solo]
Longing for Spring / Magician / Sumire
Sehnsucht nach dem Frhling K.596 / Der Zauberer K.472 / Das Veilchen K.476

R. Strauss Richard Strauss

Rest My Heart / Cecilie / Tomorrow Morning
Ruhe, Meine Seele op.27-1 / Ccilie op.27-2 / Morgen op.27-4

A. Dvorak Antonn Dvok

From “Gypsy Song” from “Zigeunermelodien” op.55
The forest quiets down / A song my mother taught me
Rings ist der Wald so stumm und still / Als die alte Mutter mich noch lehrte singen
In tune with the strings / The hawk's wings are high in the Tatras
Reingestimt die Saiten / Darf des Falken Schwinge Tatra hh'n

*The program is subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.


●Mami Akutsu, soprano
In addition to his solo concert activities, he has devoted himself to studying as a soloist in the field of religious music, including Bach's "B Minor Mass", Mozart's "Requiem", "Coronation Mass", Beethoven's "C major Mass", "No. 9", Fauré's "Requiem", Rutter's "Requiem" I'm in.
In 2011 and spring 2013, he appeared at La Folle Journée au Japon.
Also active as a voice trainer in each choir.
In the summer of 2010, she co-starred with Jörg Demus at his recital in Salzburg, Austria. He is praised for his "beautiful voice" and "natural musical talent".
Graduated from the Department of Vocal Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Studied under Chieko Goto, Fieko Yasui, Shigeo Harada, Yoko Oshima, Michio Tatara, Sumiya Urikawa, Bruno Rufo, Luciano Bertagnolio, and Uwe Heilmann.
He has also attended masterclasses by Edith Mathis, Ellie Armeling, J. Loibl, and Sarah Arneson.

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