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Buzz Five Concert 017 Buzz Five Concert

Buzz Five Concert 017 Buzz Five Concert


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Buzz Five Concert 017

Venue: Wing Wing Takaoka (Lifelong Learning Center) multipurpose hall

Buzz Five (Brass Quintet)

Hitoshi Ueda (Trumpet)

Satoshi Ogawa (Trumpet)

Masami Tomoda (Horn)

Naoaki Kato (Trombone)

Kaorue Ishimaru (Tuba)

Photo: Shuhei Nezu

Fees All seats are unreserved General 2000 yen Students 1000 yen

Tickets available at wind instrument specialty store WINDS LABO (0766-25-9323)


E. Ewazen: Western Fanfare
: Frost Fire
: Colchester Fantasy
N.Lota & S.Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet
N. Rota: "Love Theme" from the movie "The Godfather"
E. Capua: Oh Sole Mio
Joe Hisaishi: "Crimson Wings" from the movie "Porco Rosso"
L. Denza: Funiculi Funicula
N. Rosso: Trumpet in the Night Sky
Hiroki Takahashi: Music Travelogue "Italian Medley"