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Vienna Salon Orchestra New Year Concert 2014 [Tokyo Performance]

Vienna Salon Orchestra New Year Concert 2014 [Tokyo Performance]


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Salonorchester Alt Wien New Year Concert 2014

Venue : Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

September 5, 2013 (Thursday) General sales start

Same-day tickets for all reserved seats All seat types will be sold at the entrance of the hall from 13:00
S¥7,000 A¥6,000 B¥5,000
S pair ¥ 13,000

A prestigious orchestra boasting outstanding popularity in Vienna, the city of music
Enjoy elegant and splendid polkas, waltzes, marches and arias with song, ballet and orchestra!

Music Artistic Director/Concertmaster: Udo Zwölfer
Artistic director & concert master: Udo Zwölfer

Organizer: Pro Arte Musice

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Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 [P code 209-905
Lawson Ticket 0570-084-003 (L code 34765) 0570-000-407 (operator support)
Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Box Office 0570-010-296
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Ticket Service 03-5685-0650
Confetti 0120-240-540


〜Vienna, the city of my dreams〜

J. Schrammel: March "Vienna is always Vienna"

R. Zietzinsky: Song "Vienna, the city of my dreams"

F. Lehár: Waltz "Gold and Silver" op.79
: "Villia's Song" (from the comedy "The Merry Widow")
: "March of the Wives"

J. Strauss II: Waltz "Vienna Bonbons" Op.307
: Aria "The floating heart is sometimes lonely" (From the comedy "The Gypsy Baron")
:Trich Trach Polka op.214

E. Kalman: Duet "Let's go, Varashuddin!"

J. Strauss II: Overture to the comedy "Die Fledermaus"
: Polka Schnell "Long Live Hungary" op.332

F. Lehár: Duet "On the Lips I Opened" (from the comedy "The Merry Widow")

J. Strauss II: Polka "Tic-Tac" Op.365

J. Strauss II/Adolf Müller:
Duet "Vienna Blood! Viennese Temperament!"

J. Strauss II: Waltz "The Beautiful Blue Danube"