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Vienna Salon Orchestra New Year Concert 2014 [Toyama Performance]

Vienna Salon Orchestra New Year Concert 2014 [Toyama Performance]


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Salonorchester Alt Wien New Year Concert 2014 in TOYAMA

Venue : Aubade Hall

All reserved seats
S¥6,000 A¥4,000 Student¥2,000

A prestigious orchestra boasting outstanding popularity in Vienna, the city of music
Enjoy elegant and splendid polkas, waltzes, marches and arias with song, ballet and orchestra!

Music Artistic Director/Concertmaster: Udo Zwölfer
Artistic director & concert master: Udo Zwölfer

Tickets/Inquiries: (public interest incorporated foundation) Toyama Citizens Cultural Foundation Planning and Production Division 076-445-5610


〜Vienna, the city of my dreams〜
J. Schrammel: March "Vienna is always Vienna"
R. Zietzinsky: Song "Vienna, the city of my dreams"
F. Lehar:
Waltz "Gold and Silver" op.79
"Villia's Song" (From "The Merry Widow")
"Wives' March"
J. Strauss II
Waltz "Vienna Bonbons" Op.307
Aria "The floating heart is sometimes lonely" (From the comedy "The Gypsy Baron")
Tritch Tratch Polka op.214
E. Kalman: Duet "Let's go, Varashuddin!"
J. Strauss II
Overture to the comedy "Die Fledermaus"
Polka Schnell "Long Live Hungary" op.332
F. Lehár: Duet "On the Lips I Opened" (from the comedy "The Merry Widow")
J. Strauss II: Polka "Tic-Tac" Op.365
J. Strauss II/Adolf Müller II:
Duet "Vienna Blood! Viennese Temperament!"
J. Strauss II: Waltz "The Beautiful Blue Danube"