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Chika Murata Sound + Piano Ensemble Series Vol.4

Chika Murata Sound + Piano Ensemble Series Vol.4


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Chika Murata Oto plus Piano Ensemble Series vol.4

Co-starring: Kobe Chamber Orchestra + Kei Shirai (Concertmaster/Soloist)
Kobe City Chamber Orchestra + Kei Shirai, violin

Same-day tickets are available (sold at the hall entrance from around 13:20)
*10% discount for Toppan Hall members (includes set tickets)

Sponsors: Austrian Embassy in Japan, SOA Music Research Center, Seitoku University, Doseikai, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts High School of Music Kyoshinkai

Cooperation: Television Wakayama, Grangete Co., Ltd., Concert Recording Otomosha
Organizer: sound + executive committee

Management/Tickets/Inquiries: Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677

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Mozart: Divertimento in F major KV138
Haydn: Double Concerto for Violin and Piano in F major, Hob.XVIII-6
Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.2 in B flat major, Op.19


Chika Murata Pianist
After studying at the High School of Music attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, he graduated from the same university, completed the graduate school there, and went to Europe in 2003. Graduated from Haydn Institute. While enrolled, he appeared in numerous concerts both within and outside of the university upon recommendation. In 2004, a CD with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra violist Daniela Ivanova was released by Renova Classics.
Winner of the 2006 Austrian Thomas Tik Infeld Prize, 2009 International Schubert Contemporary Music Competition, International Haydn Chamber Music Competition Jury Special Prize.
In addition to Japan, he has actively performed concerts in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, etc., and has appeared five times in a row in the concerto series at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall from 2003 to 2007, and has been well received.
In addition, he has collaborated with famous musicians from Japan and abroad, such as Leipzig String Quartet, the world's most active artist group, former Bamberg Symphony Orchestra principal flutist Walter Forchart, cellist Reinhard Ratsko, violinists Kiyoshi Okayama, and Johannes Meissl. His trust is deep, and even after returning to Japan, he is developing his own field while developing various activities. In 2011, Schubert's performance in Tokyo with Reiner Honeck, Principal of the Vienna Philharmonic, was acclaimed.
In addition, he is involved in outreach projects in various parts of Japan, and in Wakayama Prefecture, he travels to elementary schools as an artist of the Foundation for Regional Creation to convey the appeal of music to children. Received the 2010 Okuwa Cultural Encouragement Award. Received the 2011 Wakayama City Cultural Encouragement Award. Currently, he is also involved in teaching younger students as a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts and Seitoku University.

●Kobe City Chamber Ensemble
The Kobe City Chamber Ensemble, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011, was established by the City of Kobe in 1981, and since then has performed in Kobe, Osaka, and Tokyo. From the time of its establishment, it had a high level of performance ability, but since it welcomed Gerhard Bosse as Chief Conductor in 1998, and since Bosse has been appointed Music Director in 2000, it has made dramatic progress in terms of technical and artistic standards. developed. In addition, in the annual season program, Bosse's idea of ​​a rich and attractive selection of songs is attracting attention from all quarters.
In the two years leading up to the Haydn Year (2009), the ensemble and Bosse worked tirelessly on works by 18th-century composers, highlighting Haydn's important place in musical history and his greatness in a series of subscription concerts. I succeeded in vividly depicting this, and this was highly evaluated, and I decided to receive a subsidy from the Agency for Cultural Affairs. He has performed with many talented soloists both at home and abroad, and the famous performance of JS Bach's "6 Brandenburg Concertos" at a regular concert in March 2011 is still fresh in our memory. has been made into a CD. In addition, the recording of the regular concert in June 2011 has been published by Kobe Rex as a limited edition of LP only.

●Kei Shirai (violin)
Born in 1983, Trinidad and Tobago. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Music High School. Since 2007, he has been studying abroad at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. He has studied under Tsugio Tokunaga, Yasuko Otani, the late Chikashi Tanaka, Masafumi Hori, the late Goldberg Miyoko Yamane, and Nobuko Yamazaki. Since 2007, he has been studying under Johannes Meissl and Vesna Stankovic. In 1999, he won the All Japan Student Music Competition. In 2001, he won the 2nd prize at the Japan Music Competition and the Masuzawa Prize. Won a prize at the 1st Sendai International Music Competition. In 2009, he won the 2nd prize and audience prize at the 58th ARD Munich International Music Competition. As a soloist, he has performed with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, Kobe Chamber Orchestra, etc., and has given recitals at Yokosuka Theater and Toppan Hall, and is also active in chamber music. Conducted by Seiji Ozawa, Manfred Honeck, Peter Chava, Robert Mann, Gerhard Bosse, etc., Seiji Ozawa Music Academy, Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto, Lucerne Festival Academy, Santander Music Festival He has participated in many music festivals in Japan and abroad.