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140th Anniversary of Rachmaninov's Birth +1 Commemorative Music Festival - Japan-Russian Musician's Association 30th Anniversary

140th Anniversary of Rachmaninov's Birth +1 Commemorative Music Festival - Japan-Russian Musician's Association 30th Anniversary


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Venue : Owada Sakura Hall, Shibuya Cultural Center

Shibuya Cultural Center Owada

[All seats are unreserved] General 4500 yen Student 2500 yen There are remaining tickets and same-day tickets. Please contact 03-3943-6677 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00)

*There is no parking lot. Please use the public transportation

Organizer: Japan-Russian Musicians Association

Sponsor: Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Supported by: Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan, Japan Eurasian Society, International Music Exchange Association, Japan Federation of Piano Education, All Japan Piano Teachers Association, Japan Composers Association, Japan Contemporary Music Association

Management/Contact: Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677


*Songs and order of performance are subject to change due to circumstances.
Part 1 (15:30)
●Piano Trio No.1 in G minor (1892)
Kazuhiko Yazawa (Pf) Madoka Sato (Vn) Kenichiro Yasuda (Vc)
●Takeshi Ninomiya《Prayer Bells》(New work based on Rachmaninov) (Premiere)
Kazuhiko Yazawa (Pf) Madoka Sato (Vn) Kenichiro Yasuda (Vc)
-Suite No. 1 "Fantastic Painting" Op.5 (2 pianos)
Masaya Tanaka (Pf) Katsushige Sato (Pf)
- Fantasy Op.7 (4 hands)
Atsuko Okada (Pf) Manami Kiso (Pf)
●Six Pieces Op.11 (4 hands)
Yumiko Ota (Pf) Tomoko Kawara (Pf)
●Cello Sonata in G minor, Op.19
Akira Iwasaki (Vc) Shu Iwasaki (Pf)
(around 18:15)
●Aleko's Cavatina "All the tents have fallen asleep" from the opera "Aleko", etc.
Shinichi Obara (BBr) Yuka Matsuyama (Pf)
● "You're beautiful, don't sing in front of me" Op.4-4, etc.
Taemi Kohama (Sop) Yuka Matsuyama (Pf)
From the opera "Aleko", the old gypsy song "With the power of a mysterious song", etc.
Riki Kishimoto (Bs) Yuka Matsuyama (Pf)
Masao Endo <Freezing Vocalise> for Violin and Piano (New work after Rachmaninoff) (Premiere)
Madoka Sato (Vn) Masao Endo (Pf)
●Russian Rhapsody (2 pianos)
Atsuko Okada (Pf) Manami Kiso (Pf)
Suite No.2 Op.17 (2 pianos)
Genichiro Murakami (Pf) Izumi Shimura (Pf)
●Piano Trio No.2 Op.9 in D minor "Trio of Sorrow"
Gen Matsuyama (Pf) Yasuko Otani (Vn) Kenichiro Yasuda (Vc)

* Supervised by Akiko Teranishi (Professor Emeritus of Toho Gakuen University, Advisor of the Japan Federation of Piano Education, Director of the Japan Chopin Association, Steering Committee of the Japan-Russian Musicians Association)

Piano used: Kawai full concert piano


Kazuhiko Yazawa (piano)
Graduated from the high school attached to Tokyo University of the Arts. Studied under Evgeny Mogilevsky at the Brussels Conservatory for eight and a half years. Graduated from the piano, accompaniment, and chamber music departments of the same conservatory. Winner of international competitions in Marsala, Andorra and Orléans. Active performance activities. Since returning to Japan in 2005, he has appeared in more than 100 concerts, including recitals and co-starring with orchestras. He has been praised for his concerts with comments such as "broad and deep expressions", "wonderful color expressions like looking at a kaleidoscope", and "a magnificent performance".

Katsushige Sato piano
Graduated from Toho Girls' High School Music Department (co-educational), Paris National Conservatoire, and Paris Ecole Normale Conservatoire with first prize and first prize respectively. In 2004, he returned to Japan after living in France for 12 years. The first solo CD "Nocturne" released in 2012 was selected as a special edition by Record Geijutsu Magazine (Ongaku no Tomosha February 2013 issue), and has received a great response. In recent years, he has expanded his activities to include chamber music, and has earned the trust of many of Japan's leading string and wind instrument artists. Lecturer at Toho Gakuen College of Music and Showa College of Music.

Masaya Tanaka (piano)
Moved to Russia alone at the age of 15. Graduated from the Moscow Conservatory of Music with a gold medal in the piano department and a scholarship from the Rohm Music Foundation. 1st place in Cantu (Italy) _ Liszt Special Award, 1st place in Scriabin (France) Special Jury Prize, etc. Many awards at international competitions. He has performed with domestic and international orchestras such as the National St. Petersburg Capello Symphony Orchestra. Actively develops lectures, master classes, etc., including concerts centered on Russian music. "Masaya Tanaka Prokofiev Complete Piano Works Series" has been held continuously since 2008.

Atsuko Okada (piano)
Completed doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts. Received an academic doctorate from Scriabin's performances and papers. Studied under Jun Date and Vladimir Trop. He has been invited to give recitals and lectures at the 125th Anniversary Music Festival of Scriabin (Moscow) and the 2nd International Conference Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Chopin's Death (Warsaw). Edited sheet music "Scriabin Complete Piano Works" (Shunjusha), "New World Music Complete Works-Russian Piano Works" (Ongakunotomosha), etc. Currently a professor at Tokyo College of Music and a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Manami Kiso (piano)
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and completed its graduate school. Completed the Moscow International Summer School with the best grades. Won first place in the Iizuka Rookie Music Competition and many other competitions. Many awards. Performed "Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2" with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by the Bolshoi Theater and the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Kenichiro Kobayashi. I visited Ivanovka, a place associated with Rachmaninoff, several times, and gave concerts there. The CD "Pictures at an Exhibition" has been highly acclaimed, including being selected as a special edition by Record Geijutsu.

Yumiko Ota (piano)
Graduated from Toho Gakuen University Piano Course. Study in London. In addition to her recitals in Japan, she has given recitals at music festivals in Bath, England and in London. In addition to performing as a soloist with a symphony orchestra in Tokyo and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Vladivostok, he is also active as an ensemble pianist, choral pianist, and choral teacher. Studied under Yoshiki Moriyasu, Motonari Iguchi, and Takahiro Sonoda. Member of the Japan-Russian Musicians Association, director of the NPO JML Music Research Institute, and councilor of the Japan Szymanowski Association.

Tomoko Kawasaki, Piano
Graduated from Toho Gakuen University and Moscow Conservatory. Studied under Teruko Yasuda, Atsutada Odaka, Akiko Teranishi, R. Kerrel, and M. Voskresensky. Received the highest prize and audience award in the Riviera del Conero International Music Competition, as well as prizes in other competitions. The recital series "Russian Wind" is now in its 5th year, and it continues to focus on Russian composers who have few opportunities to perform. Well received. Lecturer at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music and a member of the Japan Federation of Piano Education.

Shuku Iwasaki (piano)
Studied at Toho Gakuen University, Hartford University, Juilliard School, and Chigiana School of Music. In 1967, he won the 3rd prize in the duo section of the Munich International Music Competition. Won the Best Accompanist Award at the 1968 Budapest and 1970 Tchaikovsky Competitions. He has collaborated with many well-known artists in Japan and abroad. Since 1976, he has presided over "Shu Iwasaki Music in Style". Jury member of Valcesia Musica and Cantu International Music Competitions, and, following 2006 and 2010, 2014 Takamatsu International Piano Competition Chief Jury Member and Acting Music Director.

Izumi Shimura (piano)
Graduated from the high school attached to Tokyo University of the Arts, graduated from the same university, and graduated from the same graduate school. Received the Kreutzer Prize while in school. After graduating, he got off to a unique start as a pianist, participating in the activities of the opera small theater "Konnyakuza". Since his debut recital in 1979, he has held many recitals of a wide range of works from baroque to contemporary, including the premiere of many of Hikaru Hayashi's works. He has also performed many times overseas. Received the "Kenzo Nakajima Award" for "excellent performance of contemporary music as a pianist". Member of the Japan-Russia Musicians Association Steering Committee.

● Genichiro Murakami (piano)
Won first prize at the 40th Music Competition of Japan and debuted under the direction of the Chopin Society. After graduating from Toho Gakuen University, studied at the Bucharest Conservatory in Romania.
In 1978, he won the final diploma at the Tchaikovsky International Competition. He continues to hold recitals and symposiums in Japan and throughout Europe. Formed the GEN Chamber Orchestra. On the 40th anniversary of his debut, he performed Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 and Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 at Suntory Hall. Professor at Toho Gakuen University. Member of the Japan-Russia Musicians Association Steering Committee.

- Gen Matsuyama (piano)
Graduated from the University of Music in Cologne, Germany. Studied under Alois Kontarski. He has been invited to perform at famous international music festivals, and has been involved in the premiere performance of more than 300 works by now. In 2000, he was an artist overseas trainee dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, a visiting researcher at Humboldt University, and a professor at the Berlin University of the Arts. Representative of Klangforum Berlin (a chamber orchestra of members of the Berliner Philharmoniker). In recent years, he has formed a piano duo with Mr. Ichiro Nodaira and has been well received. Received the 28th Kenzo Nakajima Music Award.

- Madoka Sato (Madoka Sato) Violin
Completed doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts. After studying in Europe, he obtained a doctorate in the study of Sibelius. He has won numerous awards, including the 3rd prize at the Sibelius International Violin Competition, the special prize at the Prague Spring International Music Competition, and the highest prize at the Vaclav Humul International Competition. With a focus on solo performances, he has performed and recorded in a variety of fields, including chamber music and contemporary music, both in Japan and overseas. Lecturer at Ueno Gakuen University. Director of the Sibelius Society of Japan. contemporary α member.

●Yasuko Otani (violin)
Completed doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts and the same graduate school. 1st place in the All Japan Student Music Competition. 2nd place in Schering's Commemorative Commemorative Competition. Active as a soloist in recitals and orchestras in Japan and overseas. Her recitals at the Toronto Music Festival and Salzburg City were also well received. Received the art festival grand prize. Many CDs. The performance of "Sonatine" from "Chaconne" (composed by Mamoru Samuragochi, ranked 1st on Amazon) was used as the song for figure skater Daisuke Takahashi to challenge the Sochi Olympics. Professor at Tokyo College of Music. Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Solo Concertmaster. His favorite instrument is a 1708 Guarneri.

Kenichiro Yasuda Cello
Studied the cello under Hideo Saito. 1965 Music Competition of Japan Cello Division 1st Grand Prize. In 1966, he won the 3rd prize at the 3rd International Tchaikovsky Competition. Studied under Gaspar Cassado and Pierre Fournier. In 1974, he performed with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra conducted by Seiji Ozawa in San Francisco. Since 1986, he has been a member of the Yasuda String Quartet, playing all 80 Haydn string quartets and Beethoven's chronological chamber works for 20 years. In recent years, he has continued to work as a composer. He is a member of the Japan-Russia Musicians Association Steering Committee, the Japan Contemporary Music Association, and the Japan Music and Dance Conference.

●Kou Iwasaki Cello
Studied at Toho Gakuen High School and Juilliard School. He studied under Hideo Saito, Leonard Rose, Harvey Shapiro, and Pablo Casals. In 1960, he won first prize at the Music Competition of Japan and many other international competitions in Vienna, Munich, Budapest, Kassad, and Tchaikovsky. He has been active as a soloist and as a chamber musician in various parts of the United States and Europe, and has served as a judge at international competitions such as Casado and Tchaikovsky. He served as a professor at Toho Gakuen Graduate School until 2011, and is currently based in the United States, continuing to perform around the world.

●Shinichi Kohara (Bass Baritone)
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and graduated from the same graduate school. Studied under the late Ryosuke Hatanaka and Mitsuko Ono. While in school, he received public lessons from E. Nesterenko and received favorable reviews. Studied under Mr. A. Naumenko in Moscow. In opera, he has appeared in numerous performances such as "Ken TKERU" commemorating the opening of the New National Theatre, Japan Opera Association, and the Fujiwara Opera Company. Performs mainly on Russian songs and opera arias. Professor at Utsunomiya University, Lecturer at Japan Women's University Public Lecture, Member of the Russian Song Study Group, Member of the Japan-Russia Musicians Association Steering Committee.

Taemi Kohama Soprano
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and graduated from the same graduate school. Studied under Ryosuke Hatanaka, Mitsuko Ono, and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. 1990 Tchaikovsky Competition 6th place. Russian Song Award. Since her debut as Donna Anna in "Don Giovanni" in 1990, she has appeared as a prima in numerous operas both in Japan and abroad. Carnegie Hall recitals are highly acclaimed. In 2000, she received great acclaim for her role as Tatyana in Eugene Onegin in the New National Theatre, Tokyo. In addition to her beautiful voice, she has many fans and is always active on the front lines with her reliable technique. Professor at Kyoto City University of Arts.

● Kishimoto Chikara Bus
Born in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and graduated from the same graduate school. Studied abroad as an overseas trainee for artists from the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Graduated from Rome Santa Cecilia Academy.
1st place at Japan Music Contest, Best Singing Award at Tchaikovsky International Contest. Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Excellence Award. Geneva International Con Silver Award. Viotti International Contest Silver Award. Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Commendation Award. In 2012, he received the Pushkin Medal (Russian Order of Culture) from President Medvedev (at that time). In 2013, he held a recital commemorating the 40th anniversary of his debut. Ibaraki City Citizen Honor Award. Secretary of Nikikai. Lecturer at Musashino College of Music. Member of the Japan-Russia Musicians Association Steering Committee.

Yuka Matsuyama (piano)
Graduated from Karlsruhe College of Music, Germany. Studied under Hartmut Hell and Mitsuko Shirai. As a lead pianist, he has performed with many singers in Japan and overseas, and has been well received. He has also collaborated with world-famous singers such as Elena Obraztsova and Stephan Genz, and has worked as an assistant to E. Schwarzkopf and G. Suzee. Received the Special Accompanist Award at the SBC Music Festival. Official accompanist of the Munich International Music Competition. Invited artist for the concert commemorating the 150th anniversary of Japan-Germany relations. Tokyo Nikikai pianist.

●Composed by Tsuyoshi Ninomiya
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1972. Winner of the Sasakawa Award, the Nagoya Cultural Promotion Award, and the EACA International Composition Competition. His works are performed and broadcast at music festivals in Japan and overseas, mainly in Asia. Currently based in Fukuoka and Sapporo, and in Daegu, South Korea, as a base for overseas activities, he is presenting many works that reflect the emotion that resides in Japanese classical literature and traditional art. He is a member of the Japan Composers Association and the Japan Contemporary Music Association. Representative of the Japanese Creative Song Study Group and composition group KALEIDISM. Professor at Fukuoka University of Education.

Composed by Masao Endo/piano
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Selected for the Japan Music Competition, received the Ongaku no Tomosha Composition Award, and received the Agency for Cultural Affairs Special Award for Encouragement of Performing Arts Creation. Many of his works have been performed at home and abroad. In addition to his composing activities, he is developing piano performance activities including improvisational performances. He has served as a jury member for the International Contemporary Music Competition hosted by the 21st Century Society of Korea, and as a jury member for the ACL Youth Composition Award. Chairman of the Japan-Russia Musicians Association Steering Committee, Vice Chairman of the Japan Composers Association, Director of the Japan Society for Contemporary Music.