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Bruno Canino Piano Recital [Nagoya Performance]

Bruno Canino Piano Recital [Nagoya Performance]


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Bruno Canino Piano Recital in Nagoya


Venue : Munetsugu Hall
Munetsugu Hall

Reserved seats: 4,500 yen for adults, 2,700 yen for students

Inquiries: Munetsugu Hall Ticket Center 052-265−1718

genius honed,
A world-class master of Italian music!

Presented by Italian genius Canino,
'History of Waltz' from all times and places !
A number of waltzes full of poetry that can only be expressed by Canino, who is familiar with all repertoires from classical to modern .
A sharp and sharp virtuoso performance is clear.


〜History of Waltz Waltz〜

Clementi: Four Waltzes
M. CLEMENTI: 4 Valzer dall' 38

Schubert: 16 German Dances
F. SCHUBERT: Danze Tedesche op.33

Chopin: Five Waltzes (posthumous work)
F. CHOPIN: 5 Valzer op. postuma

List: Forgotten Waltz No. 1
F. LISZT: Premier Valse oublie

Brahms: Waltz op.39
J. BRAHMS: Valzer op.39
Debussy: Slower than Lent
C. DEBUSSY: La plus que lente

Ravel: Elegant and Sentimental Waltz
M. RAVEL: Valses Nobles & Sentimentales

Chabrier: 'Scherzo Waltz' - from 10 pictorial pieces
E. CHABRIER: Scherzo-valse da 10 pices pittoresques

Tchaikovsky: Waltz in quintuple
P. CIAIKOWSKY: Valse en 5 temps

Prokofiev: Waltz - Children's Music - From 12 Easy Pieces
S. PROKOFIEV: Valse da Musiques d'enfant op. 65 (2')

Hindemith: Boston - from Suite "1922"
P. HINDEMITH: Boston dalla Suite 1922 (5')

Schoenberg: Waltz op.23-5
A. SCHOENBERG: Walz op. 23 n. 5 (2')

J. Strauss-E. Dohnányi : Waltz "Friendship" from the comedy "Die Fledermaus"
J. STRAUSS-E. DOHNANYI: Du und Du valzer da die Fledermause (5')

*The songs and the order of the songs are subject to change. Please note.