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Fabrice Millichet & Kazuyoshi Wakasa Trombone Duo Recital [Hiroshima Performance] Co-starring: Maiko Kato Org

Fabrice Millichet & Kazuyoshi Wakasa Trombone Duo Recital [Hiroshima Performance] Co-starring: Maiko Kato Org


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Fabrice Millischer & Kazuyoshi Wakasa Trombone Duo Recital

Venue : United Church of Christ in Japan Hiroshima Nagarekawa Church
Hiroshim Nagarekawa Church

All unreserved seats ¥4,000 Students ¥3,000

Co-starring: Maiko Kato (organ)

Same-day tickets are available (sold from around 13:30). Please come directly to the venue.

* Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

Sponsor: Buffet Group Japan Co., Ltd.

Sponsor/Ticket/Contact: Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677

[Other play guides scheduled to be handled]

Lawson ticket 0570-000-406 (L code 62473)


D. Castello: Trio Sonata No.4
GF Handel: Double Concerto (for two cellos)
:Concerto in F Minor
CMv Weber: Romance
A. Gilman: Symphonic Pieces
Keiko Takashima: Listening to the Call of Spring, etc.

*Songs and song order are subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.


Fabrice Milichet profile

Fabrice Millischer Biography

Kazuyoshi Wakasa, trombone
After graduating from Elisabeth College of Music, she went to France to study under G・Milliere and J・Mauger, and after going through the Paris Conservatoire (CNR) superior, she won the first prize unanimously from the judges in the perfection department, Paris 15th arrondissement. Finished the Conservatory with first prize. After returning to Japan, won the 2nd prize at the 14th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition. From 2000 to 2005, he was the principal trombonist of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. To date, he has performed as a guest with numerous domestic orchestras, including the NHK Symphony Orchestra and the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.
He has performed concertos with the Kyunggi Philharmonic Orchestra of Korea in 2008, the Gunsang Symphony Orchestra of Korea in 2009, the CYC Wind Orchestra of Taiwan (Chiayi City Music Festival) in 2010, and the Dejong Symphony Orchestra of Korea in 2011, all of which have received high acclaim. . In 2008, he was invited to join the World Symphony Orchestra (Korea) directed by Geum Nanse.
Currently Associate Professor at Elisabeth College of Music, Lecturer at Hiroshima Music High School, JAPAN XO TROMBONE QUARTET, Hiroshima Brass Quintet member.

●Maiko Kato, organ
Graduated from Elizabeth College of Music. Graduated from the Graduate School of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Graduated from Toulouse Conservatory of Music with Premier Prix. In 2010, he won the Jean-Louis Florentz International Competition. Received the Grand Prix from the French Academy of Arts. Organ: Mayumi Tozawa, Tsuguo Hirono, Yuichiro Shiina, M. Bouvard, JW Janssen; Studied under Lefebvre. He has been invited to various venues, including the Toulouse International Organ Festival, Mai de Saint-Pierre, Dégenay d'Orgue, and Fete de la Musique. He has also performed with period horn player J. Lambach, sackboot player D. Lassalle, and the Capital Orchestra of Toulouse. In 2011, he released a CD with trombonist Fabrice Milisha, who won the Victoire de la Musique, on the Apartelle label. Japan Evangelical Lutheran Tokyo Church organist. He is a member of the Japan Organist Association and the Japan Organ Research Society. In 2013, he won the 3rd prize and the audience prize at the Xavier Dallas International Organ Competition.