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Melbisch Lake Music Festival Gala Concert [Osaka The Symphony Hall]

Melbisch Lake Music Festival Gala Concert [Osaka The Symphony Hall]


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Melvisch Lake Music Festival Gala Concert

Seefestspiele Morbisch Gala Concert

Venue: The Symphony Hall
The Symphony Hall

All seats reserved: Platinum: ¥20,000 (with bonus CD) S pair: ¥30,000 S: ¥16,000 A: ¥11,000 B: ¥8,000

[Other handling play guides] General release 2014/6/12 (Thursday)

Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 [P code 234-592]
Lawson Ticket
Confetti 0120-240-540


Supported by: Austrian Embassy, ​​Japan-Austria Cultural Association, Japan Operetta Association

Sponsorship / Inquiries

Organizer : Pro Arte Musice
Presented by Pro Arte Musicae 03-3943-6677

Photo: From the 2005 Melvisch Lake Music Festival operetta "The Merry Widow"


J. Strauss II:
From the operetta "The Bat"
From the operetta "A Night in Venice"
From the operetta "Vienna Temperament"
champagne polka
Waltz "Southern Rose"
Pizzicato Polka
beautiful blue danube

F. Lehar:
From the operetta "The Merry Widow"
From the operetta "Giudietta"
From the operetta "Land of Smiles"

E. Kalman:
From the operetta "Marizia, daughter of the count"