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Elisso Borkvase Piano Recital [Osaka]

Elisso Borkvase Piano Recital [Osaka]


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Elisso Bolkvadze Piano Recital in Osaka

Venue : The Phoenix Hall

The Phoenix Hall

All seats reserved: 5,000 yen for adults, 3,000 yen for students
[12/19 (Friday) set ticket with Kemal Gekici performance General 8,000 yen]

Tickets will be sold on the day.
Please come directly to the venue.

Brilliant virtuosity, dignity and individuality... A Georgian star with outstanding sensibility.

Organizer : Pro Arte Musice
Presented by Pro Arte Musicae

[Other play guides: From 7/1 (Tue.)]

Ticket Pia: (P code-)
Lawson Ticket: 0570-000-407 (L code)


Beethoven: Sonata No.3 in C major
Chopin: Scherzo No.4
:Andante Spianato and Great Polonaise
Debussy: Etude for Combined Arpeggio
: Joy Island
Prokofiev: Sonata No.2, Op.14

Beethoven: Sonata N3 op.2 c-dur
Chopin: Scherzo N4
Chopin: Andante Spianato anad Grande Polonaise Brilliante
Debussy: Edude N11 "pour les arpges composs"
Debussy: "L'isle joyeuse"
Prokofiev: Sonata N2op.14