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Martin Stadtfeld MUSA Acoustic Live [Kawasaki]

Martin Stadtfeld MUSA Acoustic Live [Kawasaki]


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Martin Stadtfeld, piano

MUZA acoustic live

Martin Stadtfeld, piano MUZA Acoustic Live

Venue: Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall

Venue: MUZA Kawasaki Symphony Hall

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MUZA Kawasaki Symphony Hall 044-520-0200 (Ticket Counter 10:00-18:00)

MUZA Web Ticket (24 hours)


JS Bach: Italian Concerto BWV.971
Goldberg Variations BWV.988

JSBach : Italian Concerto BWV.971
Goldberg Variations BWV.988


Born in Koblenz in 1980, the pianist Martin Stadtfeld won the 2002 Leipzig International Bach Competition as the first German pianist after the reunification of East and West, establishing himself as the heir to orthodox Bach music. have built.
Two years after the competition, released a CD of JS Bach's "Goldberg Variations" from Sony Classical. This CD was compared to the legendary Gould recording (1955) and gained a lot of attention in various fields. Since then, the following CDs have won the Echo Classic Award three times.
As one of the most important performers in the music scene in Europe, America and Japan, he is extremely busy with his performance activities. In addition to performing with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra, New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, etc., Sumida Triphoni Hall in Tokyo, Vienna Konzerthaus, Vienna Musikverein, Zurich Tonhalle. , Amsterdam Concertgebouw, and other world-class venues, and regularly participates in the Salzburg Festival, the Rhine Festival, the Rockenhaus Festival, the Menuhin Festival, etc.
Recently, he has been active in music activities for young people, and through school visits, he shares his musical views as a pianist with the younger generation.
In 2005, he made his first visit to Japan for the performance of "Goldberg Variations" at Sumida Trifoni Hall. Since then, he has continued to visit Japan.