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Yoriko Yuguchi & Hideyuki Kobayashi Organ Duo Recital

Yoriko Yuguchi & Hideyuki Kobayashi Organ Duo Recital


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 Yoriko Yuguchi & Hideyuki Kobayashi Organ Duo Recital

Yoriko Yuguchi & Hideyuki Kobayashi Organ Duo Recital

Venue: Kawaguchi Cultural Center Lilia Music Hall
Kawaguchi Music Hall

All seats are unreserved: 3,000 yen

Management/Inquiries: Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677


GF Handel/J. Marsh: Prelude and Fugue in C major
Georg Friedrich Hndel(1685-1759) / John Marsh (1752-1828):Praeludium und Fuge in C

DH Engel: Introduction and Double Fugue Op.49
David Hermann Engel (1816-1877): Einleitung und Doppelfuge Op.49

R. Bertinck: Wedding Meditations
Ralf Blting (1953-): Meditation nuptiale

R. Bertink: French Toccata by the name of "Helmut"
Ralf Blting (1953-): French Toccata on the name of "Helmut"



Yoriko Yuguchi
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Organ, and graduated from the same graduate school. Graduated from Westphalia State Church Music School in Germany. He studied organ under Tsugio Hirono and Arno Schoenstedt, and harpsichord under Irmgard Lechner and Hiro Hashimoto. Performs solo activities such as recitals, choral accompaniment, and ensemble activities such as co-starring with orchestras. Japan Evangelical Lutheran Ichigaya Church organist. Lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College, organist at the same junior college, lecturer at Lutheran College, and organist at the same university. Oberlin junior and senior high school organist.

Hideyuki Kobayashi
Graduated from the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, and completed its graduate school. Graduated from Frankfurt University of Music, Germany. In addition to solo concerts in various places, he often participates in ensembles. In charge of the organ part in the orchestra, he has appeared as a soloist in regular concerts of the Kanagawa Philharmonic, Ensemble Kanazawa, Tokyo City Philharmonic, NHK Symphony Orchestra, New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, and Yomkyo Symphony Orchestra. In addition to being in charge of planning organ-related projects at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater and other halls throughout the country, he is also actively involved in organ awareness-raising activities for junior high and high school students as well as general organ enthusiasts. Professor at Ueno Gakuen University. Tokyo Metropolitan Theater organist.