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Mörvisch Lake Music Festival [Bat] Performance in Fukuyama

Mörvisch Lake Music Festival [Bat] Performance in Fukuyama


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Merbisch Lake Music Festival

Seefestspiele Morbisch

It is held on the shores of Lake Neusiedl in Austria, a World Heritage Site.

The world's largest operetta festival

The world's first music festival to be held in Japan will be held in Japan!

Venue: Leaden Rose Fukuyama Arts and Culture Hall

Reed & Rose Fukuyama Hall of Arts & Culture

[All seats reserved]

SS seat: 12,000 yen

S seat: 10,000 yen

A seat: 8,000 yen

B seat: 6,000 yen

* Half price for each seat type for high school students and younger, but handled only at the Rieden Rose Ticket Center (tax included, preschoolers not allowed)

Q:Leeden Rose 084-928-1800


Merbisch Lake Music Festival
Johann Strauss II: "The Bat"
Johann Strauss�U: “Die Fledermaus”
All 3 Acts/Original Language/Japanese Subtitles

【original work】
The comedy The Midnight Supper, written by Henri Meyillac and Ludovic Hélévy, based on the comedy Prison by Roderich Bendix
Libretto: Karl Hafner and Richard Jeunet adapted the original by Mayac and Hélévy.


"Mörvisch Lake Music Festival" profile here Biography

Near Eisenstadt, Austria, where the great composer Haydn played an active role, Lake Neusiedl is a scenic spot famous as a World Heritage Site. The "Mörvisch Lake Music Festival", where a fantastic stage set up on the lake colors the summer, started in 1957 and is now the world's largest operetta festival, a major event that entertains about 200,000 spectators every year. .
For half a century since its start, the festival of operettas that has never left the land of Mervisch, so to speak, has decided to move to a new location for the first time in the world! Japan of the year.
A splendid cast including Rudolf Biebl, a leading operetta conductor and honorary member of the Merbisch Lake Music Festival, as well as soprano singer Alexandra Leinprecht, who made a sensational debut at the Vienna State Opera, will be visiting Japan.
Please enjoy the world-famous “Mervisch Lake Music Festival”.

Conductor: Rudolf Biebl

Directed by: Gerhard Ernst
Tilman Unger [as Eisenstein]
Alexandra Leinprecht [Rosalinde]
Andreas Jankovic [as Frank]
Elisabeth Lang [Duke Orlovsky]
Alexandre Badea [as Alfredo]
Julian Orishausen [role of Dr. Falke]
Eva Shell [as Adele]
Thomas Malik [Dr. Blindt]
Gerhard Ernst [as Frosch]
Ilonka Feckel [role of Ida]

Orchestra/Chorus/Ballet: Mervisch Festival Orchestra/Chorus/Ballet Company